Surgical Microscopes

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  • Leica M651 Surgical Microscope

  • Leica M680 Dual Head Surgical Microscope

  • Leica M690 Surgical Microscope


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  • Zeiss OPMI 1 Surgical Microscope

    Zeiss OPMI 1 Surgical Microscope

  • Zeiss OPMI 6-SFC Universal Microscope

    Zeiss OPMI 6-SFC Universal Microscope with Foot Pedal


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  • Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT Surgery Microscope

    Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT Surgery Microscope

  • ZEISS OPMI 111 ENT Microscope

    ZEISS OPMI 111 ENT Microscope on S21 Stand

  • Leica M691 Surgical Microscope

    Leica M691 Surgical Microscope – Wild

  • Cryomedics KR-MED FO 101 Colposcope


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  • Cryomedics System 2001 Zoom Colposcope

    Cryomedics System 2001 Zoom Colposcope

  • Karl Storz Urban US1 M-703W Microscope

  • DF Vasconcellos Surgical Microscope

    DF Vasconcellos Surgical Microscope

  • Sale! Seiler Evolution XR6 Microscope

    Seiler Evolution XR6 Microscope

  • Seiler SSI-202/402 Precision Microscope

    Seiler SSI-202/402 Precision Microscope

  • Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope

    Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope

Surgical Microscopes for Sale

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What is a Surgical Microscope?

The surgical microscope is an operative microscope specially designed for use in a surgical environment, usually in microsurgery.

Operational microscope design feature: magnification typically in the range from 4x-40x, components that are easy to sterilize or disinfect so as to guarantee a cross-infection control.

How Surgical Microscopes Work

The surgical microscope is made of a prism that allows splitting of the light beam so that the assistant can also review the procedure or allow photographs or videos to be taken from the surgical field.

Where Surgical Microscopes are Used

Surgical microscopes are commonly used in endodontic retreatment, where the magnification provided by the operating microscope improves the visualization of the current anatomy leading to better patient outcomes.

It is suggested that well-focused illumination and magnification should be part of the standard care in endodontic therapy. However, a Cochrane review did not show sufficient evidence to determine whether the use of the magnification device has more advantages or positively affects the outcome of the dental procedure. Another example could be the anastomosis procedure that should be associated with blood vessels in vascular surgery.

Some Surgical Microscopes and their Features:

1. Leica M691 Wild Microscope
This Prescott Reconditioned Leica Wild M691 microscope is ideal for objects that require a large multi-purpose option. The M691 includes all the excellent optical clarity, the video system and the red reflex lens needed for the cataract / retina operation. Here are the features of the Leica M691.


  • X/Y Control with auto center
  • Inclinable 0-180° binocular
  • Eyepieces zoom 10x/21
  • Motorized focus/zoom
  • Complete video system
  • Twelve function foot control
  • Halogen illumination
  • Sterilizable knob covers
  • 200mm objective lens
  • Oculas SDI 4e Invert-er
  • Laser 532 filter
  • Oculas BIOM 3m, 5m
  • Assistant binoculars
  • Beam splitter
  • 200mm Wild red reflex lens

The Zeiss OPMI 111 surgical microscope is a unique and precise medical device.


  • Wide Field Eyepieces.
  • Straight Binocular.
  • Top of the line Fiber-Optic Illumination.
  • f=250mm Objective Lens.
  • 5-Step Magnification for precise viewing.

3. Cryomedics KR-MED Colposcope FO 101
Colposcopy is a visual exam of the cervix that your doctor will probably perform in the event that you get an abnormal result from the Pap smear.
Abnormal results may include the presence of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), cervical dysplasia (precancerous abnormal cells), cervical cancer or squamous cells. A pap smear is not sufficient to diagnose abnormal cells; it’s just a window to discover them. Therefore, additional tests are required to confirm or exclude HPV, pre-cancerous lesion or cancer. Colposcopy is usually the first follow-up exam performed by the physician.


  • Adjustable-tilt optical head with adjustable focus and 20X, 14 mm eyepieces
  • Light intensity dial with off, low and high
  • Uses 20 V 150 W halogen bulb
  • 5 inch horizontal arm and 8.5 inch descending arm
  • Triangular base with casters
  • 7-foot power cord with grounded plug
  • Colposcope Fiberlight

4. Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT Surgery Microscope
The Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT surgery microscope is certified for proper operating specifications and excellent condition, both operationally and aesthetically.

The OPMI 99 ENT oscilloscope offers more magnification, a flexible arm and a fiber optic source of light.

The OPMI 99 is an economical ENT microscope. It has a smaller head and optics that are not as popular as new models with larger optics and a wider field of view. It is an excellent ENT microscope if you have a budget and / or you are used to this model.

Best Surgical Microscopes Brands

Below are the lists of best Surgical Microscopes brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store:

  • Leica
  • Cryomedics
  • Storz
  • DF Vasconcellos
  • Seiler