Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope


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Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope

Introducing the Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope for sale. It is intended to use for ENT examination and surgery.

Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope Features

  • High flexibility in all directions
  • Front lenses 200 or 250 mm standard (others on request)
  • Light: variable spot size (to reduce reflections)
  • Slide with spot diaphragms and green or yellow filter
  • 5 step magnification changer
  • Optional video camera adapter (no light loss for the observer)
  • Fiber-optic illumination with UV- and IR-filters and spare lamp
  • Ergonomic handles

Möller Spectra 500 Surgical Microscope Specifications

  • 150W halogen with aux. lamp
  • Carrying capacity 1.5 to 4.5 kg


Johann Diedrich Möller fulfilled his life’s dream in 1864 by founding a company for the production of high-precision optical components and optical instruments in Wedel. In the course of its eventful history, the company has brought products of wordwide reputation to the market, such as high-precision measuring and testing instruments for the industry, combinations of binoculars and camera, anamorphotic lenses used in film projectors for wide-screen motion pictures, as well as a large range of medical-optical products.

MÖLLER-WEDEL GmbH & Co. KG transfers optical visions into real products. For over 150 years, MÖLLER-WEDEL has been known as an excellent provider of optical equipment for many applications. We are a part of the famous HAAG – STREIT group from Switzerland. Our core experience is the developing and producing of optical devices and systems for microsurgery. We set the standard for precision mechanics and innovative technology.

The need of the surgeons is the guideline and inspiration of our future oriented product development. We focus on the surgical success, the economic performance of the physicians and the satisfaction of the patients. Encouraged by stable partnerships, characterized by sureness and trust, we rely on a competent service and individual support.


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