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  • Pedigo P-1066-SS Mayo Stand

  • Renuvion Bovie J Plasma Hand Pieces


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    Stryker 4200 Cordless Driver II

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  • Craniofacial Handpieces from Bionx Implants

    Craniofacial Handpieces from Bionx Implants

  • Riester Schiotz Tonometer Specification A B C

    Riester Schiötz Tonometer – Specification A, B, C


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  • Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments For Sale

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What are Surgical Instruments?

Surgical instruments are tools specially made to help healthcare professionals perform certain actions during the operation. Most instruments made from the early 19th century are made of durable stainless steel. Some are designed for general use and others for specific procedures. There are many surgical instruments available for virtually any specialization in medicine. There are precision instruments used in microsurgery, ophthalmology and otology.

How Surgical Instruments Work

There are many types of surgical instruments and the way they are used differs. Some types of surgical instrument are listed below:

  • Cutting instruments and dissecting
  • Grasping or holding instruments
  • Hemostatic instruments
  • Retractors
  • Tissue unifying instruments and materials

Where Surgical Instrument are Used

Surgical instruments are used in hospitals to achieve the following:

  • Cutting and dissecting with surgical instruments like Scalpels, Scissors, and Saws.
  • Grasping or holding surgical instrument are Smooth anatomical and toothed surgical Forceps, Towel Clamps, vascular clamps, and organ holders.
  • Hemostatic surgical instrument used are Billroth’s clamps, hemostatic “mosquito” forceps, atraumatic hemostatic forceps, Deschamp’s needle, Höpfner’s hemostatic forceps.
  • Retractors: Farabef’s C-shaped laminar hook, blunt-toothed hook, sharp-toothed hook, grooved probe, tamp forceps
  • Tissue unifying surgical instrument used are: needle holders, surgical needles, staplers, clips, adhesive tapes.


Riester Schiötz Tonometer – Specification A, B, C

Features of the Riester Schiötz A Tonometer:

  • A masterpiece of precision mechanics! Highly precise eye tonometer according to Prof. Schiötz for measuring intra-ocular pressure. Its reliability and durability makes this quality measuring instrument indispensable in every ophthalmologist’s practice and eye clinic.
  • High quality agate bearing for an extremely long service life.
  • Precision measurement on a scale of 0 to 20 subdivisions and 0 to -1 sub-divisions.
  • Perfect reading of the scale with red pointer.
  • All vital parts are made of stainless steel, other parts are chrome-plated.
  • Complete in a black deluxe case with velvet-look inserts.
  • Supplied with three weights (5.5 g, 7.5 g, 10 g) and a conversion table.
  • Specification 5, polished weights, with inspection certificate.

Best Surgical Instrument Brands

Below is a list of the Best Surgical Instruments brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.

  • Craniofacial
  • Riester Schiotz
  • Surgical Instruments