Stainless Steel Medical Equipment

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  • DTS Surgical Linen/Trash Hampers

  • Medical Data Logging Blanket/Fluid Warmer 3 Shelves

  • Microaire Replacement Power Assisted Liposuction Cannulas

  • Pedigo P-2030S Rolling Blanket Warmer

  • Stainless Back Instrument Surgical Table

  • Stainless Steel Knee Operated Surgical Sink

  • Kick Bucket

    Kick Bucket

  • Sale! Mayo Instrument Stand Single Post

    Mayo Instrument Stand Single Post

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  • Stainless Steel Medical Cabinet 5 Shelves with Casters

    Stainless Steel Medical Cabinet – 5 Shelves with Casters


Stainless Steel Medical Equipment For Sale

New and Used Stainless Steel Medical Equipment is for Sale at The Dr’s Toy Store. Buy Stainless Steel Medical Equipment now for the Best prices.

What is Stainless Steel Medical Equipment?

Stainless steel products are made of stainless steel. They are ideal for use in the OR and include instrument stands and trays, utility carts, IV poles, waste receptacles. Bedpans, cups, and bowls are also available.

The manufacture of medical equipment and appliances uses stainless steel for a number of reasons. It is a durable material that has many advantages, such as non-corrosive, fire resistant and does not require maintenance in many situations. In healthcare, it is also important that these tools are easily cleaned and disinfected. There is no risk of spreading bacteria or infections. Something less resistant to the material can be subject to this.

Where Stainless Steel Medical Equipment is Used

Stainless steel medical equipment is widely used in all types of industrial and domestic applications. In the medical device industry, stainless steel medical equipment is used where high corrosion resistance, good formability, strength, the precision of production, reliability, and hygiene are of particular importance.

Below are some Stainless Steel Medical Equipment and their features

1. Kick bucket
The term commonly used for a medical container, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on wheels. The term “kick bucket” refers to the concept that the bucket is mounted on the wheels and therefore moves slightly around the operating room by the foot.

During the surgical procedure numerous pliable and disposable items (commonly called sponges) are used to absorb blood or fluid during the procedure. Personnel tosses the used sponges into the buckets placed about the operating room. At the end of the procedure, a nurse or technician can count the sponges in the bucket to ensure that all the sponges used during the procedure are taken into account.


  • Non-corrosive stainless steel construction
  • Heavy-duty, durable
  • 360-degree rubber bumper on frame
  • 13-quart size (3.25 gallons)
  • 2 in. (5.08 cm) rubber casters
  • Limited 5-year manufacturer warranty

2. Mayo Instrument Stand Single Post
A single-post stand with U base design ensures both support and versatility for this Mayo Instrument stand by Drive Medical. The tray height adjusts from 32 1/8 to 50 and includes a lock for security. No matter what height it sits, the stand supports a removable stainless steel tray that measures a roomy 19 x 12 5/8. Two 3 casters provide additional mobility.


  • Single post stand with U base design provides support and versatility
  • Removable stainless steel tray measures x.
  • Tray height adjusts from – with lock
  • Two, casters provide additional mobility

Best Stainless Steel Medical Equipment Brands

Below is a list of the Best Stainless Steel Medical Equipment brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.

  • Pedigo
  • Mayo