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We only buy equipment used by doctors and medical professionals

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Request to sell or trade your medical equipment now! We only purchase higher grade medical equipment that is used by doctors and medical professionals.

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    Trade or Sell Medical Equipment

    Trade or Sell Your Medical Equipment

    Dr’s Toy Store is recognized as the leader in the market of refurbished medical products. As sellers of refurbished medical products, we sell out our refurbished medical equipment, but there is a need for us to get it from another source. We buy our medical equipment from various suppliers. We buy from hospitals, surgery centers, sales representatives, service engineers, biomedical and clinical engineers, materials managers, and supply chain directors. C-Arms, Anesthesia Machines, Blanket Warmers, Autoclaves, Patient Monitores, Defibrillators, Bladder Scanners, EKG Machines, Fetal Monitores, Heart-Lung Machines, Surgical / Imaging Tables, Ultrasound Machines, Ventilators, and Surgical Lights, are only some of the categories that we are actively looking to purchase.

    Why Sell to Dr’s Toy Store

    There are so many reasons why many people sell their used medical equipment to us. This could be because they are updating their surgical room, a medical facility within their medical office or any other part of their medical office. Sellers or Doctors generally try to replace products with the latest technology. This contributes to the liquidation of assets and the availability for larger budgets. Dr’s Toy Store buys a wide range of medical equipment for sale. We are interested, just simply fill out the form above for a quote.

    With more than 17 years of business, we are delight to let you know that we are building on a valued partnership. We buy equipment directly from the seller without the involvement of intermediaries. We have experienced logistics staff who can handle the entire procurement process, including removing your medical equipment from your facility. Our staffs will also ensure that your used medical equipment arrives in our premises in the same condition that it left yours.

    Selling to Dr’s Toy Store vs Others

    There are several other advantages to selling your equipment and machines to Dr’s Toy Store. When you sell your equipment, there will be an availability of storage in your facility and space. You can make an arrangement with our coordinate with our sales representatives to perform recovery transactions. Following the green model, you are helping to protect the environment by recycling machines. Dr’s Toy Store then takes these machines and makes them fully functioning to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications by technically and cosmetically refurbishing them.

    Our equipment purchasing department processes requests so you can focus on patient care. When an application is processed online, it takes less than one business day for Dr’s Toy Store to contact you.

    Dr’s Toy Store understands that the difference in every situation is when it comes to purchasing. Usually, someone will be interested in selling their used medical equipment. You can find our form on the Sell to Dr’s Toy Store page. There are spaces in this form where you input your first and last name, address, city, state, zip code, email, and a box where you can make comments.

    After Selling your Medical Devices

    As soon as the equipment has been purchased, it will pass through our vigorous and demanding refurbishing process. Initially, the equipment will be tested and cleaned. There will be a replacement for missing or broken parts. After many diagnostic checks, the equipment is calibrated according to OEM specifications. Then what follows is cosmetics. The machine will undergo processing such as polishing if needed and decals are replaced if needed. The final quality examination ensures that the product is fully functional and ready for the next patient.