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  • Power X & Vaser Repair Tickets

  • hARMONY 2

    Alma Harmony Orion


    LEI Veterinarian Anesthesia Cart

  • Wallach 500 Quantum

    Wallach Quantum 500

  • Sale! Aaron 9401

    Aaron 940 High Frequency Desiccator

  • Sale!

    MedTronic LifePak CR Plus

  • Sale!

    Champion Alo Paitent Recliner

  • Sale!

    Maquet Alphamaxx

  • Nouvag TCM 3000 BL

  • Sale!

    Datex Ohmeda S/5 Anestesia Monitor

  • TS Light Sources

    DTS Bright-Light Source

  • Sale! FHC 7101

    FHC 7101 Mobilecare Stretcher

  • Sale! eye stretcher

    Stryker 1079 Eye Surgical Stretcher

  • Biodex Deluxe Ultrasound Table

  • Elara 11

    Tuttnauer Elara 11

  • Sale! LIFEPAK12

    Physio-Control LifePak 12

  • Sale!

    Tuttnauer T-Edge 10″ Autoclave

  • Sale! Tedge10-11

    Tuttnauer T-Edge 11″ Autoclave

  • Vaser VentX System Only

  • GenoRay Zen-2090 Pro C-Arm

  • SRI UC-5000

    SRI UC-5000 Portable X-Ray

  • ValleyLab Coviden FT-10

  • Cynosure Icon

  • Olympus Visera Elite Endoscopic Tower


Buy Medical Equipment

Buy Medical Equipment at Doctors Toy Store

Dr’s Toy Store has been a leader of doctor and medical professional equipment sales for over 20 years. When you’re seeking to buy medical equipment, Doctor’s Toy Store is one of the top providers on the Internet.

Including the largest Showroom in the South East United States area, Doctors Toy Store has become the leading provider in medical equipment for Doctors and Medical Professionals, providing New and Used Devices. Doctors can find all their medical device needs at our huge showroom located conveniently between the Miami Airport and the Fort Lauderdale Airport off the 95. Providing a wide range of products and services at exclusive prices, our variety of medical equipment and our high level of quality care to our customers is key. As a 24/7 online buying solution, our website helps to save costs due to the higher availability of Pre-Owned equipment.

Starting with products as simple as exam tables, autoclaves, exam lights, otoscopes and opthalmoscopes, blood pressure monitors, and more, the Doctors Toy Store provides the ability to buy medical equipment as quickly as possible. Dr’s Toy Store has fundamentally changed the way Doctors shop for their medical equipment needs. Come into our showroom to be greeted with a warm cup of coffee and a smile from one of our excellent customer service representatives.

Our team is trained to provide the best procedure chair for any specialty that fits your budget. We have Midmark, DTS, Boyd, Brewer, MTI and more! Ask about our brand new DTS Hybrid Chairs that offer multi-specialty functions to fit a large array of needs and why it would be the best chair for your cosmetic practice.

We have a great selection of diagnostic ultrasound units both New and Pre-Owned enjoyed. Our diagnostic ultrasound selection includes Sonosites, Sonoscapes, GE, Phillips, and more! Whether you are looking for black and white or color, the Doctor’s Toy Store has it all, and at affordable prices.

The Doctors Toy Store has become the leader in the cosmetics area of medical equipment. Our products range from first office start up crystal free microdermabrasions to the skin tightening effects of the ellman Pelleve to full office set ups including IPL’s, lasers, and even the new Bovie JPlasma! Regenerative medicine practices using stem cell injections have become increasingly beneficial in the U.S. Through research and development, the leading health care specialists have identified the best way to harvest dormant stem cells which is from adipose tissue. Here at the Dr’s Toy Store our trained sales reps can point you in the right direction on what ways are the best and the most affordable to complete your stem cell practice. We have everything ranging from centrifuges, to photoactivation lights, to vasers and lysonix amplifiers to help emulsify fatty tissue and ensure the survival of dormant stem cells upon suction using Power assisted Liposuction devices like microaire and more! The staff at the Dr’s Toy Store will help you identify everything you need to build your practice.

Our variety of medical equipment from Doctors Toy Store allows you to buy medical equipment online, check your purchase history, and make an offer on medical equipment devices and more just from our convenient site.

We buy, sell, trade, export, and repair electrosurgical units. Ask about a trade in value for your unit. Our repair team is the second largest department in the Doctors Toy Store. We have trained professionals that can repair everything from ESU’s to Power and Ultrasonic assisted Liposuction Devices. Ask us to evaluate or service your medical equipment today.