Surgical Loupes-Headlights

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  • Heine ML4 LED HeadLight Unplugged

    Heine ML4 LED HeadLight with Headband Professional L and mPack Unplugged

  • Heine Prismatic Binocular Loupes

  • HEINE LED MicroLight on S Frame

    HEINE LED MicroLight on S-Frame

  • HEINE LED MicroLight

    HEINE LED MicroLight 2 on Lightweight Headband

  • HEINE HR Binocular Loupes 2.5-x-16


  • Sale! Heine 3S LED Headlight Unplugged

    Heine 3S LED Headlight Unplugged

  • Sale! Heine 3S LED Headlights

    Heine 4S LED Headlights

  • Riester Ri focus LED Headlight

    Riester Ri-focus LED Headlight

  • DTS Microsurgery Headlight

    DTS Microsurgery Headlight

  • Loupe on Rose Safety Frames 2.5x M Headlight

    Loupe on Rose Safety Frames 2.5x-M Loupes

  • Luxtec ACO Series 8000 Fiberoptics Light Source Head Lamp with Stand

    Luxtec ACO Series 8000 Fiberoptics Light Source & Head Lamp w/ Stand

  • Rose 2X L Loupes Half Frame

    Rose 2X-L Loupes Half Frame

  • Welch Allyn LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope

    Welch Allyn LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope

  • Welch Allyn Solid State Procedure Headlights

    Welch Allyn Solid State Procedure Headlights

  • Syris Scientific V300 Vein Light

    Syris Scientific V300 Vein Light

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What is Surgical Loupes-Headlights?

Surgical loupes and headlights are mainly used in the cardiovascular field.

How Surgical Loupes-Headlights Work

Both the surgeon and assistant make use of loupes and headlights in every operation. This is due to the fact that they are made with lights that provide a clearer and wider image of the area to be operated.

Where Surgical Loupes-Headlights are Used

Surgical Loupes-Headlights are used during surgical operations; all neurosurgeons have their own loupes and two headlights. Both an operator and an assistant use loupes and headlights in every operation. Loupes and headlights are useful also in the neurosurgical field since they provide a clearer and wider surgical field than the macroscopic view and make it possible to move the surgical field quicker than using a microscope.

1. Heine ML4 LED HeadLight Professional L, Unplugged
The Heine ML4 LED HeadLight unplugged kits with power source are powered by a rechargeable battery and provide ultra-bright illumination. The Heine ML4 LED Headlight offers a safe and comfortable fit and adjustable spot size, making them suitable for all test situations.

The Heine Wall Transformer EN50 UNPLUGGED works as a wall-mounted instrument holder and a charger at the same time. The Heine mPack UNPLUGGED is a headband-mounted rechargeable battery.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 50,000 LUX @ 250 mm working distance
  • Colour temp 4,500 K
  • Spot size of 30 – 80 mm
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Adjustable spot size
  • Coaxial illumination
  • Lithium battery technology allowing up to 8.5 hours of continuous on time

2. HEINE 3S LED HeadLight
UNPLUGGED is an innovative, ultra-bright, compact LED headlight with ultra-bright coaxial illumination. A perfect headlight for general practice, ENT, dental and veterinary practitioners and surgeons. 30,000 Lux of bright, white light. With a reference color temperature of 6000 Kelvin and an extraordinary 30,000 lux of illumination at a working distance of 250 mm, the 3S LED HeadLight

UNPLUGGED is more than twice as lighter than other standard LEDand conventional lights.

Compact and lightweight with 100% mobility. The compact design provides clear, unobtrusive coaxial illumination. The illumination head of the 3S LED weighs only 70 grams ensuring user comfort even during long periods of use.

UNPLUGGED: No cable, no connection, no boundaries. With the new 3S LED HeadLight

UNPLUGGED with the mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable headband-mounted battery, you are free to work anywhere. The light weight of the battery ensures no reduction in the high level of comfort.

Versatility: The 3S LED HeadLight UNPLUGGED can be used for virtually any examination. The light spot and brightness are both adjustable and the 3S LED is compatible with all HEINE HR and HRP binocular loupes. A video prism optics adaptor is also available.

The 3S LED headlight UNPLUGGED is the instrument that doctors helped in defining and developing with the HEINE R&D team

3. Heine 3S LED Headlights
It is accompanied with rechargeable battery; this Heine 3s LED Headlight has proved to be conventional medical equipment and can be availed as the most comprehensive and market leading price range. Its ultra-bright 3SLED head light has been installed for powerful coaxial illumination.

Powerful LED Illumination features:

  • 000 Lux of bright, white light.
  • Stepless light intensity control. Optimal brightness setting prevents refl exes.
  • Precision iris aperture adjustment. Small diameter is ideal for ENT and Dental Applications.
  • Mains or portable power supply. Integrated attachment option for HR / HRP Binocular Loupes and Prism optics for Video adaption.
  • Micro-Absorption System for the Integrated Cooling Fan ensures quiet and vibration-free operation.
  • Viewing Angle adjustable over a wide range.
  • Multi-coated glass optics for maximum brightness.
  • Optional yellow filter reduces blue light. Avoids premature hardening of composites.

Technical Specification:

  • Illumination 50 000 Lux at a working distance of 250 mm
  • Color temperature 6,250 Kelvin
  • LED operating Life 1 W super-high output LED rated at 50,000 hours operating life
  • Spot adjustment 30 mm to 80 mm at 420 mm working distance
  • Angle of declination individually-adjustable for every examination
  • Rheostat headband-mounted
  • Operating time 10 hours with mPack and 4 hours with mPack unplugged

Best Surgical Loupes-Headlight Brands

Below is a list of the Best Surgical Loupes-Headlight brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.

  • Heine
  • Riester Ri
  • DTS
  • Loupe
  • Luxtec
  • Rose