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  • Cardiac Science TM55 Treadmill

    Cardiac Science TM55 Treadmill with Laptop

  • GE T2100 treadmill

    GE T2100 TREADMILL with Laptop and CAM-USB INTERFACE A/T for ECG.


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  • Schiller CS-200 TOUCH

    Schiller CS-200 Touch Stress System with Treadmill

  • Schiller Treadmill TMX-428

    Schiller Treadmill TMX-428, 2-210046 TMX 110V

  • Cambridge Heart Heart wave II Cardiac Diagnostic System

    Cambridge Heart HearTwave II Cardiac Diagnostic System

  • Sale! CardioDynamics BZ- 4110-121

    CardioDynamics BZ-4110-121

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  • Schiller Cardiovit CS 200 Touch ECG Stress System

    Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Touch – Stress System without Treadmill

  • Schiller Cardiovit CS200 Ergospiro Stress Test System

    Schiller Cardiovit CS200 Ergospiro-Stress Test System

  • Burdick Quest Cardiac Stress Testing System

    Burdick Quest Cardiac Stress Testing System

  • Schiller Cardiovit AT-104

    Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 PC Based Stress System

What are Stress Test Systems?

Stress test systems, these are devices used to provide information on the heart works during physical stress. It is very easier to diagnose some heart problems when the heart is working hard and beating faster.

During stress testing, it is recommended that you are on exercise (walk or run on a treadmill or pedal a stationary bicycle) this makes your heart to beat fast.  Tests are carried out on your heart during exercising.

You may have arthritis or some other condition that prevents you from exercising during the stress test. If this is the case, your doctor can give you the medication to make your heart work hard, as it is during your physical activity.

How Stress Test Systmes Work

Stress Test Systems work by showing how blood circulates in the heart muscle and reveals heart parts that are not contracting strongly. They can also show parts of the heart that do not get enough blood, as well as dead tissue in the heart, where there is no flowing blood. (Heart attack can lead to cardiac death.) If your stress testing points to congenital heart disease, your doctor may be asking you to have more tests and treatments.

Where Stress Test Systems are Used

Stress Test Systems shows the way your heart works during physical stress (exercise) and the present condition of your heart. The standard exercise stress test uses an electrocardiogram (EKG) to follow up the changes in the electrical activity of your heart. The image of the rate at which blood flows through the heart is taken with the use if imaging tests. They also show your heart valves and the movement of your heart muscle.

Doctors use both types of stress tests to find signs that the heart does not get enough blood during exercise. Abnormal test outcome can occur as a result of coronary artery disease or other factors, such as poor physical fitness. Imaging stress tests are more accurate than standard exercise stress tests but are much more expensive.

Below are some stress test system and their properties:

1. Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Touch Stress System w/o Treadmill
With Height Adjustable Cart, and All-In-One PC Platform, Printer Shelf, and ECG Cable Arm Holder. Includes 2.000168 Set of standard accessories CS200 Touch Package. Win 7 Pro Embedded. Treadmill and Printer Sold Separately.

2. CARDIOVIT CS-200 Touch Package:
The CS-200 Touch is a multifunctional and PC based exercise system for 12/16-channel with fully integrated resting ECG. Because of its well-accepted, easy operation in all modes, it is perfect for both office and clinical applications.

Integrated database connectivity to the office computer and clinical information systems allows electronic data retrieval and a paperless environment. With TMX-428, 110V Treadmill, Height Adjustable Cart, and All-In-One PC Platform, Printer Shelf, and ECG Cable Arm Holder. Includes 2.000168 Set of standard accessories CS-200 Touch Package. Win 7 Pro Embedded. Printer Sold Separtely. SOFTWARE Included:

  • SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12/16 simultaneous leads
  • SCHILLER ECG measurement software M, incl. average complexes, measurement markers and detailed measurement results table
  • Data management software
  • Enhanced pacemaker detection
  • Rhythm recording in resting mode
  • QT dispersion software
  • PDF export software
  • HR trend export to EXCEL file
  • Worklist software

2. Cambridge-Heart-HearTwave-II-Cardiac-Diagnostic-System
The HearTwave II System It is a state-of-the-art stress testing platform that includes Cambridge Heart’s proprietary Microvolt T-Wave Alternanstm (MTWA) option, the only Medicare-reimbursable MTWA test on the market.

Microvolt T- Wave Alternans (MTWA) improves stress testing by including a non-invasive, clinically proven and reimbursable test, which can help identify patients with a risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

This comprehensive solution allows the evaluation of ischemic and arrhythmic risks, enabling you to determine the best overall risk management strategy for your patients.


  • MTWA: A simple, non-invasive test that can easily be part of your stress regimen for nuclear, echo and standard treadmill procedures.
  • Advanced stress system with patented high-fidelity trace quality, patented diagnostic ECG grid, customized protocols, full disclosure, network connectivity, wireless and laser printer options, and compatibility with most treadmills, NIBP and echo systems

Best Stress Test Systems Brands

Below is a list of the Best Stress Test Systems brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.

  • Cardiac-Science
  • GE T2100 treadmill
  • Schiller
  • Cambridge-Heart
  • CardioDynamics
  • Burdick