Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT Surgery Microscope


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Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT Surgery Microscope

The Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT scope features multiple magnifications, flex arm, and a fiber optic light source.

The OPMI 99 is a cost-effective ENT microscope. It features a smaller head and optics which is not as preferred to the newer models with large optics and a larger field of view. It is a great ENT microscope if you are on a budget and/or you are used to using this model.

Zeiss OPMI 99 ENT Surgery Microscope Specifications

  • Zoom adjustment from 11,5x to 30,5x
  • Magnification of the eyepieces: 19
  • Focal Length of the Objective: f=250 mm
  • Halogen light source with fiber optic
  • Light power: 75W/12V
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Power supply: 115/230 V / 50-60 Hz

Zeiss OPMI 99

Intended for the private market where cost is of higher importance the OPMI 99 is a miniaturized version of the standard operating microscope. It is of a simple design, utilizing to a great extent “engineering polymers” (as plastics are euphemistically called), carbon fiber reinforced polymers for the small straight or inclined binocular tubes f = 80mm with fixed high-eye point eyepieces 19x. The Galilean 3-step magnification changer 0.6 – 1 – 1.6x has a base of 16mm. There are 5 objectives f = 100, f = 200, f = 250, f = 300, and f = 400mm giving a range of magnifications from 2x to 48x depending on the configuration. The objective mount has a 10mm fine focusing device, beyond that the entire instrument can be moved on its balanced parallelogram arm.

There are three stands: a short stand for the colposcope version, a tall floor stand for the doctor’s office and electrologist, and a table stand for lab work. The floor stands consist of a heavy weight on a frame of five castors. The fiber light source is integrated into the main arm of the stand. There are no special accessories for the OPMI 99. It found particular application for electrolysis (hair removal) as improved visualization resulted in faster, more efficient and safer work.

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