Leica M690 Surgical Microscope


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An ophthalmic surgical microscope with high contract and detail imaging – the Leica Wild M-690. The M-690 features a focusing system and a zoom magnification changer which are both powered by electrical motors and operated by foot pedals. The Leica system has integrated illumination technology that connects the field of view and book magnification. This increases the light’s intensity and fully illuminates the magnifications, aiding the surgeon in maintaining focus.

The surgical microscope may be moved to the surgery table via the stand, which is 183 cm (72 inches) tall. It is easy to transport due to the four double wheels underneath the stand. You may completely modify the Leica Wild M-690 surgical microscope to match your needs.


  •     Sharp Optical View
  •     Terrific Depth of Focus
  •     Red Reflex Enhancing Objective Lens
  •     High Resolution, Internal, Motorized Focus and Zoom
  •     0-180 Degree Inclinable Binocular with 10 x 21 Widefield Eyepieces
  •     1:5 Magnification Ratio
  •     Manual Override of Motorized Zoom
  •     Variable Motorized Focus-50mm Range
  •     Tiltable Joint for Varying Optical Angle


  • Focusing: Motorized
  • Magnification: 1:5
  • Weight: 350 lbs
  • Additional Specifications


  •     Binocular: 0-180 Inclinable ; f=170mm | Other options: 10-50 Degree ; f=170mm
  •     Objective Lens: 175mm, 200mm with red reflex enhancer
  •     Magnification: Motorized 1:5
  •     Focus: Motorized with 50mm travel
  •     Eyepieces: 10 x 21 Widefield
  •     Pupillary Distance: 55mm – 75mm
  •     Filter: Standard UV


  •     Lightsource: Halogen 12V 50W
  •     Illumination: Field: 65mm
  •     Power Source: 110-240V ; 50-60Hz

Mounting System    

  •     Type: MSC
  •     Horizontal Reach: Arm = 34″ | End of Optics = 40″ Extension Couplings Available
  •     Vertical Reach: 25″

Rotation Angle: 360º


  • Power Cord and Box
  • Detachable Camera Unit
  • Foot Pedal


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