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  • Astra 100 Spirometer

    Astra 100 Spirometer

  • Sale! Micro Medical Spirometer

    Micro Medical Spirometer

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  • Schiller PC Spirometry SP-150 Sensor with USB

    Schiller PC Spirometry SP-150 Sensor with USB

  • Schiller PC Spirometry SP-250 Sensor w/ USB

    Schiller PC Spirometry SP-250 Sensor w/ USB

  • Schiller Spirovit SP2 and Spirometer Calibration Syringe

    Schiller Spirovit SP-2 & Spirometer Calibration Syringe

  • Sale! Schiller Spirovit SP-2 Spirometer

    Schiller Spirovit SP-2 Spirometer

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    SpiroScout Ultrasonic Spirometer

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  • NDD EasyOne Spirometer System

    NDD EasyOne Spirometer System

  • NDD EasyOne Plus Spirometer

    NDD EasyOne Plus Spirometer

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  • Schiller Spirovit SP-1 Spirometer

    Schiller Spirovit SP-1 Spirometer

Spirometers For Sale

New and Used Spirometers are for Sale at The Dr’s Toy Store. Buy Spirometers now for the Best prices.

What are Spirometers?

The Spirometer is a device for measuring the volume of air of inhaled and exhaled by the lungs. The spirometer measures ventilation, air movement into and out of the lungs. Spirogram will identify two different types of abnormal, obstructive and restrictive ventilation patterns. There are different types of spirometers using different measurement methods (pressure transducers, ultrasonic, water gauge).

How Spirometers Work

After deep breathing, the person breathes forcefully into the spirometer as completely and forcefully as possible. The spirometer measures both the amount of air expelled and the rate at which the air is exhumed from the lungs. Measurements are recorded using spirometers.

Normal values measured by spirometer differ from individuals to individuals. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), the results are compared to the average in the same age, the same height, the same sex, and the same race. If the value is less than 80% of the expected average, this may be a sign of lung disease. If the results of spirometry are abnormal, your doctor may give you additional tests.

Where Spirometers are Used

Your doctor may want to check your lung function if you have certain symptoms or if you have a risk of developing lung disease. For example, if you have difficulty breathing or a cough that last for a long period of time or if you smoke. In those cases, spirometry is necessary. Many people with pulmonary disease regularly have spirometry. For example, an asthmatic person may have spirometry at least every two years.

Brands of Spirometers and their Features

1.Astra 100 Spirometer
Astra 100 Spirometer is the most accessible way to detect COPD and asthma. You can test it directly in your office, and not send the patient to a specialist. The Astra 100 Spirometer is very useful as it saves time and money for your practice and your patients.

Whether you are testing lung function with asthma and COPD, pre-screening and monitoring diabetic patients when prescribing Exubera, Astra100 Spirometer provides ease of use and accurate results in the economic package.

Astra 100 Spirometer Features:

  • It is easy to use
  • Fast and accurate results
  • FVC, FEV1, FEV6, FEV1 / FVC, FEV1 / FEV6, PEF
  • Direct report printing/li liPays for itself with as few as 30 patient tests!

2. Micro Medical Spirometer
Micro Medical is a market leader in the field of spirometers. This measurement equipment is used, among other things, for asthma, bronchitis, and COPD.

Micro medical spirometers are reliable, durable and tested under various conditions. Micro Medical products come with detailed instructions. The Spirometer software is also user-friendly and offers many features, including a powerful analysis of trends and child-friendly animations.

3. Schiller PC Spirometry SP-250 Sensor w/ USB
PC spirometry kit with the SP-250 sensor, serial version of PS2 / RS-232: includes PC software CD, SP-250 RS-232 sensor, PS2 / RS232 adapter, One Pack of Disposable Flow Sensors (10-pk), Operating Manual and Accessories. Can be used as a standalone PC Spirometry system or in conjunction with the AT-104 PC ECG system.


  • For Pulmonary Function testing of SVC, FVC, MVV, and MV
  • An integrated program for pre/post-comparison, bronchospasmolysis, and monitoring of challenge tests
  • High-quality accessories for maximum precision, e.g. absolute humidity insensitive SCHILLER sensors SP-250 (disposable) or SP-260 (reusable)
  • USB connection for sensors
  • Meets ATS/ERS standards
  • Long-term comparisons/trends

Best Spirometers Brands

Below is a list of the Best Spirometers brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.

  • Astra
  • Micro Medical
  • Schiller
  • SpiroScout
  • NDD