Aspirator Suction Pumps

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  • Berkley VC-10 Vacuum Currettage System

  • DTS Aspiration Pump

  • MedLine HCS7000 Vac-Assist Suction Aspirator

  • Medela Basic Suction Pump

  • Medela Dominant suction pump

    Medela Dominant Suction Pump


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    Byron Liposuction System

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  • Fat Transfer Autoclavable Canister

  • Medela Vario 18 Portable Suction Pump

    Medela Vario 18 Suction Pump – Portable

  • Medela Dominant Flex Suction Pump

  • HK Aspirator Pump & Infiltration Pump System

    HK Aspirator Pump with Klein Infiltration Pump (Bundle)

  • HK AP-III Surgical Aspirator Pump

    HK AP-III Surgical Aspirator Pump

  • Wells Johnson Klein Tumescent Pump

  • Wells Johnson Aspirator General

    Wells Johnson Aspirator General

  • Wells Johnson Aspirator II Suction Pump

    Wells Johnson Aspirator II

  • wells johnson aspirator iii

    Wells Johnson Aspirator III with Accessories

Aspirator Suction Pumps For Sale

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What are Aspirator Suction Pumps?

Aspirators are also referred to as suction machines. They are medical devices which are used to remove mucus and other fluids from an individual. There are wide varieties of vacuum cleaners that are perfect for all those who have had tracheotomy.

Aspirators are durable and they are high-performers that remove fat for specific procedures. One of the most popular and portable aspirator is the suction aspirator machine. This aspirator is available for doctors in need to perform liposuction procedures.

Where Aspirator Suction Pumps are Used

Aspirator Pumps (medical suction machines) are used in various medical/surgical procedures, from everywhere from hospitals, clinics and private practice. Body fluids are removed by medical staffs with the use of aspirator pumps. Suction machines are available in portable, tabletop and mobile models.

Some smaller and portable units are equipped with rechargeable batteries to provide greater mobility for users. Professional clinical aspirator is generally designed for general or specific applications. These general uses include, gastric drainage, thoracic drainage, surgical, uterine and ear, nose and throat (ENT) and dental suction.

What Aspirators Suction Pumps are Used For

Suction machines are used to suck fluid from the body. When a patient is scheduled to perform a liposuction procedure the aspirator can be used to suck the fat from their body.

Tracheostomy care also involves the use of a suction machine for removing secretion from the trachea, nasopharynx and oropharynx thereby maintaining hygiene of the trachea. The suction machine can be used in cases when a person has a moist cough and cannot effectively remove the secretion from the throat.

The suction machine components generally contain suction pump, connection and patient tubings, disposable canister with lid, rechargeable battery, power cord and bacteria filter.

The bacteria filter prevents back flow from the canister and airborne contaminants from entering and damaging the pump.

Yankauer is used to extract secretions from surgical procedures or body openings. Its tip is slightly crooked so as to prevent smooth passage into the throat without fragile tissue being damaged.

Portable suction machines are small enough to be in a travel bag and can be easily carried anywhere.

Suction machines today light, portable and technologically sophisticated. The most clogged airways can be quickly evacuated with strong, powerful machines that allow the patient to recover their comfort. Some of these aspirators have adjustable vacuum pressure as well.

Best Aspirator Suction Pumps Brands

Below is list of best Aspirator Suction Pumps brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store:

  • Byron
  • Wells Johnson
  • HK AP
  • Klein Tumescent
  • MD Touchup
  • Berkley System
  • Schuco
  • Gomco