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Probes-Transducers For Sale

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What are Probes-Transducers?

An ultrasonic transducer is a wand-like instrument that produces sound waves and raises the echoes as they bounce off the organs. It is a device, usually electrical or, in some cases, mechanical, which converts one type of energy into another. A transducer or probe is a major part of the ultrasonic machine. The transducer transmits the ultrasound waves into the body and receives the echoes which are produced by the waves when placed on or above the part of the body to be photographed.

How Probes-Transducers Work

The transducer probe is a major part of the ultrasound machine. The transducer probes emit sound waves and receive echoes. That is, in this way, the mouth and ears of the ultrasound machine. A device that produces sound waves that bounces off the body tissue and echo away. The transducer also receives the echoes and sends them to the computer that uses them to create an image which is referred to as a sonogram. Transducers (probes) come in different shapes and sizes which are used for the production of images of different parts of the body. The transducer can be transmitted over the body surface or inserted into an opening such as the rectum or the vagina.

Below are some Probes-Transducers and their properties

1. Siemens Acuson 3V2C Transducer
The Acuson 3V2C Adult cardiac array ultrasound probe can be used with Acuson Cypress or Acuson Sequoia ultrasound system. The 3VCc is capable of improving 2D images, enhanced spectral Doppler audio performance and transcranial imaging.

Refurbished Acuson 3V2C Features:

  • 5-7 mghz
  • Used and New Models
  • Transcranial Imaging Capabilities
  • 2D Imaging
  • Spectral Doppler audio performance

2. GE 10LB-RS Vascular Linear Ultrasound Transducer
The GE 10LB-RS is a linear array ultrasound transducer for GE portable ultrasonic machines. This transducer probe is used with vascular intervention, interventional, small parts and MSK clinical applications. The field of view of the 10LB-RS is 40mm and it is found to be compatible with the Logiqbook and Logiq series of the portable ultrasound system

Refurbished GE 10LB-RS Features:

  • Probe bandwidth of 5.2 – 11.3Mhz
  • FOV – 40mm
  • Used with Vascular, Interventional, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal applications

3. ATL C5-IVT Curved Linear Ultrasound Transducer
The ATL C5-IVT curved linear ultrasound transducer is compatible with ATL UM9 HDI, HDI 1500 and HDI 3000-5000 ultrasonic systems. The C5-IVT probe can be used for endovaginal applications.

Refurbished ATL C5-IVT Features:

  • 0 MHz
  • Curved Linear Array

4. ATL C7-4 Curved Linear Ultrasound Transducer
The ATL C7-4 curved linear ultrasound transducer is compatible with ATL UM9 HDI, HDI 1500 and HDI 3000 and the HDI 5000 ultrasound system. The C7-4 probe can be used in obstetric, abdominal and pediatric applications.

Refurbished ATL C7-4 Features

  • 0 – 7.0 MHZ
  • 40mmR
  • Curved Linear Array

Best Probes-Transducers Brands

Below is a list of the Best Probes-Transducers brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store.

  • Siemens-Acuson-
  • GE 10LB-RS
  • ATL