Fetal Monitors

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  • DTS F2 Fetal Monitor

    DTS F2 Fetal Monitor

  • Corometrics 145 Fetal Monitor

    Corometrics 145 Fetal Monitor

  • Corometrics 116 Fetal Monitor

    Corometrics 116 Fetal Monitor

  • Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor

    Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor

  • Corometrics 150 Fetal Monitor

    Corometrics 150 Fetal Monitor

  • Corometrics 118 Fetal Monitor

    Corometrics 118 Fetal Monitor

  • Philips Series 50A M1351A Fetal Monitor with Toco Transducer

    Philips Series 50A M1351A Fetal Monitor with Toco Transducer


Fetal Monitors for Sale

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What are Fetal Monitors?

Fetal monitors are devices that doctors use to provide accurate vital information about the mother and the fetus. Many fetal and maternal/fetal monitoring systems have been developed for both antepartum and intrapartum which are easy to use and allow doctors to improve the standard of their obstetric care.

Some Fetal Monitors with their benefits are listed below:

  1. Corometrics 250cx Series Maternal/Fetal Monitor

This is a comprehensive perinatal monitoring that allows you to effectively care for your mother and baby. The Corometrics 250cx Series maternal/fetal monitoring system is a full antepartum/intrapartum fetal monitor including innovative features that will help you deliver a high-quality birth experience and improve patient care. It monitors fetal and uterine activity, including fetal heart rate, and improves maternal monitoring features including temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG and non-invasive blood pressure.


The 250cx offers many benefits:

  • GE-exclusive smart BP: Delays blood pressure measurement during contraction in order to reduce patient distraction and provide more meaningful diagnostic data.
  • Provides light that needs to be clearly seen
  • Enables extraordinary pick-up and minimal repositioning
  • minimizes interactions with the monitor
  1. Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor

Provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal monitoring, taking into account the mother’s comfort. Whether you perform antepartum fetal monitoring at your office or in a hospital, the Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor can help you. You can trust this fetal monitor to help you improve the level of care of your pregnant mothers. This compact, lightweight Monitor is designed to help you take care of your mother and your baby efficiently and effectively by performing accurate tracking and non-invasive heartbeat of your child for non-stress tests.


  • Warns you about heart problems in the fetus
  • Helps you set up a transducer
  • Can track more heart rate
  • Displays important information prominently
  • Offers portability
  1. Mini telemetry system

This fetal monitoring solution provides an improved workflow for you and a pleasant delivery experience for mom. The GE Mini Telemetry System provides a simple and complete wireless monitoring solution for an efficient and improved workflow and a more enjoyable delivery experience. Its compact, ergonomic design gives you the reliability and the time you need and gives the mothers the freedom they want.

Mini Telemetry System Offers:

Freedom: Mom will not be tied to the bed so it can move more naturally, improving delivery.

Flexibility: Mothers can walk and use the lavatory during monitoring, allowing mothers to participate in multiple activities and different types of delivery.

A laboring in water option: The Waterproof Nautilus Transducers allow Mom to enjoy the soothing benefits of aquatherapy.

Enhanced safety: The small light transmitter is easy to carry and the recess in the device improves safety through cable management.

Best Fetal Monitor Brands

Below is a list of the Best Fetal Monitors brands that are available for purchase at Dr’s Toy Store:

  • DTS
  • Corometrics
  • EDAN
  • Philips Series