Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair



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Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair

The Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair is an outstanding procedure chair for a Podiatrist! This chair offers more features for Podiatrists than the previous model 416 could. The Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair has a sleek professional appearance to it as well. This Podiatry Chair offers Power Tilt, as well as Power Back! This allows you to position your patient just right for your procedures. Your patient is able to lean back and feel comfortable during a long procedure.

The Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair base positions the feet perfectly and allows you to work in a seated position for your own comfortability! This Podiatry Chair is made for patients of all heights with its foot extension feature.The base lock prevents any accidents from extending the foot. Of course, the easy slide Debris Tray makes clean up faster and easier when finishing procedures. Simply, slide the Debris tray out before performing a procedure and the debris will only fall into the tray. Once you are done, just slide the tray back in or dump the remains into the proper waste receptacle.

The Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair is a worthy successor of the original 416 Podiatry Chair. The Midmark 417 is great looking and a sure upgrade in functionality as well!

Midmark 417 Podiatry Chair Specifications

  • Height at seat section: 22-1/2″ (57.2 cm)
  • Length w/foot section fully extended: 78-2/3″ (199.9 cm)
  • Foot section: 21-1/4″ (54 cm) wide tapering to 17-3/4″ (45.1 cm) x 14″ long (35.6 cm)
  • Back section width: 22-3/4″ (57.8 cm) tapering to 17-1/2″ (44.5 cm)
  • Seat section width: 22-3/4″ (57.8 cm) tapering to 21-1/2″ (54.6 cm)
  • Minimum height at foot section w/o tilt: 19-1/2″ (49.5 cm)
  • Maximum height at foot section w/maximum tilt: 36-3/4″ (93.3 cm)
  • Maximum height at foot section w/maximum tilt and foot section fully extended: 39-1/2″ (100.3 cm)
  • Total width including arms: 28-1/6″ (71.4 cm)
  • Armrest width: 3-1/6″ (7.9 cm)
  • Debris tray: Polyethylene, extends 8-3/4″ beyond foot section, 8-3/4″ W x 12-1/2″ L x 1-3/4″ D (22.2 x 31.8 x 4.4 cm)
  • Input Power: 115 VAC | 60 Hz | 12 A



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