Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Power Procedure Table



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Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Table

The Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Table proper positioning is crucial to providing the accessibility and flexibility you need at the point of care to create a truly “procedure-friendly” office. Power height, back, foot and tilt give the Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Table virtually endless movement capabilities, allowing you to position patients correctly for the most effective procedure. And, adjustable height allows you to work in a position that is comfortable for you.

Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Table Features

  • Power height, back, foot and tilt
  • 450-pound patient weight capacity
  • 19″ to 40″ seat height adjustment (non-rotation models)
  • 22.5″ to 43.5″ seat height adjustment (rotation models)
  • Hand and foot control standard

The number of procedures performed in the U.S. is rapidly increasing, and advances in anesthesia and innovations in surgical techniques have allowed a shift of these procedures to outpatient settings. These trends will continue as efforts intensify to combat the escalating cost of healthcare, as well as the increasing desire to create a better overall patient experience and a warmer, more inviting atmosphere for patients and staff. Office-based procedures allow you to provide your patients with efficient, quality care in a setting that is more comforting to them and more efficient for you. The Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Table offers the positioning, accessibility and patient comfort you require in order to create a “procedure-friendly” environment in your office.

Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Table Specifications

  • Patient Load Rating: 450 lbs
  • Stirrups are standard
  • Height:
    • Minimum 19″
    • Maximum 40″
  • Seat Tilt Angle Range: 0° to 30°
  • Back Support Angle Range: 0° to 85°
  • Foot Support Angle Range: 0° to 90°
  • Upholstery Width Dimensions:
  • Headrest: 12″
  • Back support: 24″-26″
  • Seat: 28″
  • Foot support: 18″
  • Patient Support Surface Length: Flat position: 72″
  • Flat position with headrest extended: 83″
  • Paper Roll Holder: Holds 18″ x 3-1/2″ paper roll
  • Optional Electrical Outlet Rating: 115 VAC, 3 A
  • Electrical Ratings
    • 115 VAC, 10 A, 50/60 Hz (for standard models)
    • 115/230 VAC, 7.5/3.8 A, 50/60 Hz (for rotation models)
    • 115 VAC, 7 A, 50/60 Hz (for heated top models)
  • Safety Standards: UL 60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2, No. 601.1-M90

Optional Features

  • Premium Upholstery Top: Seamless design
  • Ultra-Premium Upholstery Top: Stitched, plush design
  • Programmability: Four positions that you customize to your needs
  • Electrical Outlets: Duplex, hospital grade (on each side)
  • Rotation: Allows 350° of table rotation and adds 3.5″ to the minimum and maximum seat height specifications
  • Heated Upholstery: Provides a warm and inviting feel to the patient support surface



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