Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair

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Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair

The Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair is ideal for Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Oral or Maxillofacial Surgeons and all healthcare professionals requiring maximum access to a patient’s head and neck. It features a narrow neck area and a unique, slim backrest, for a large work surface and greater legroom for improved patient access and comfort.

Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair Features

  • Readily located controls move the table at a touch of a button to your favorite position
  • Power Height, Tilt, Foot and Back, easily adjusted with a powered foot-control
  • Articulating headrest makes positioning the patient easy and provides the caregiver with maximum room to work.
  • Removable upholstery top:
    • Maintain a sanitary workspace with an easy to remove and clean upholstery top.
    • Removable upholstery top extends the life of your table by allowing you to replace the upholstery top, if needed, at a later date.
  • Pull out foot extension and leveling screws.

The Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair with programmability offers the added convenience of being able to position the chair to the same setting with the touch of a button, every time. The seamless, styled upholstery makes it easier for physicians and their staff to clean and maintain infection control. It can easily be removed without the use of any tools. And with its removable armrests and fully articulating headrest, it’s the perfect chair for any healthcare facility.

Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair Specifications

  • Net Weight: 515 lbs
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 325 lbs
  • Table Positioning
    • Back Section Range: 0° to +85°
    • Height Range: 22-1/2 inches to 40-1/2 inches
    • Foot Section Range: 0° to -90°
    • Tilt Range: 0° to +30°
  • Dimensions
    • Upholstered top w/o headrest extended: 23 inches W x 65 inches L
    • Upholstered top with headrest extended: adds 15 inches
    • Footrest Extension: adds 0.0 inch to 8.0 inches
    • Power Cord: 8 feet 2 inches long. A black jacketed molded cord to fit IEC appliance inlet with destination specific attachment plug
  • Electrical Rating
    • Domestic Model: 115 VAC | 50 – 60 Hz | 11 A
    • International Model: 230 VAC | 50 – 60 Hz | 5.5 A
  • Fuse Replacement (near power cord inlet)
    • Domestic Model: 12 A, 250 V, Time Lag
    • International Model: 8 A, 250 V, Slo-Blo
  • Duty Cycle: Intermittent Operation [15 seconds on / 5 minutes off (motor run time)]
  • Classifications: Class 1, Type B Applied Part, Ordinary Equipment, Intermittent Operation
  • Certifications
    • Midmark Corporation: ISO 9001 Certified
    • Domestic Model Only: UL2601-1, CAN/CSA 22.2, #601.1-M90
    • All 419 Models: MDD 93/42/EEC, Annex VII, EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2, EN60601-1-4

For physicians’ convenience, as well as that of their staff, the Midmark 419 Power Exam Chair powers all the way down to 22 3/8″ so patients can easily get on and off the chair, without the need to be lifted. Once the patient is on the chair, it powers up to as high as 40 3/8″, so physicians won’t have to bend or stoop to perform their procedure.


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