Boyd S2614 Surgical Procedure Chair

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Boyd S2614 Surgical Chair

The Boyd S2614 Surgical Chair has an all-steel frame with three operator-designated programmable positions, and the option to automatically “Return to home” position. This surgery procedure bed has a sing-out locking patient arm, dual articulating headrest. emergency lock power button and power interrupt switch.

Boyd S2614 Surgical Chair Features

  • Ergonomic thin tapered style back
  • Two-piece seat with independent control of toe section
  • Cantilevered style lift base with 14″ of vertical travel
  • Snap-on/Snap-off upholstery
  • Durable all steel frame
  • Independent powered seat tilt for trendelenburg positioning
  • Flat table positioning
  • Quad-function foot control
  • Low-voltage DC motors
  • Duplex outlet
  • Automatic “Return to Home”
  • Three (3) programmable settings
  • Boyd’s “On Track” and/or compensating arm options
  • Dual articulating headrest
  • Emergency power lock-out switch
  • Foot protector
  • Body restraint strap

Articulating headrest styles

  • Lever Lok – Release lever, position, and lock into place. Allows headrest to be positioned over the back for smaller patients and articulates over 90 degrees for airway management.
  • Pinch Lok – Pinch tabs for positioning and release to lock.

Armrest styles

  • Rail Mount Accessories – slide along BOYD’s “On Track Rail System”. The Rail Mech allows front to back, up and down, and rotational positioning. Loosen the knob and position, tighten knob and you are locked into place. All Rail Mounted Accessories are universal and mount right or left. 2615, 2614 Models are equipped standard with Seat Rails.
  • Compensating Arms – automatically adjust with chair back. All arms are interchangeable from side to side, removable, and width adjustable. IV Arms rotate in multi positions with the touch of a lever. Arms drop to the side and out of the way for patient access/egress. A rm locking action holds the arm stable during surgical procedures.

Boyd S2614 Surgical Chair Specifications

  • Length: 73”
  • Width: 22-1/2” less arms
  • Starting Height: 21-1/2”
  • Finish Height: 35-1/2”
  • Electrical Requirement: 110 VAC | 60 Hz | 10 A


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