Fat Transfer Autoclavable Canister


Brand New


Fat Transfer Autoclavable Canister

Introducing the Fat Transfer Autoclavable Canister.


  • (1) – 3000 cc collection canister
  • Lid
  • Metal Coupler
  • 6″ Extension Tube
  • Stand

Fat Transfer Autoclavable Canister Setup

All four (4) parts should have been wrapped separately and been cleaned by autoclave.

All four (4) items are placed in the sterile field.

  1. Unwrap and assemble:

Parts #1 Canister, #2 Lid, #3 Stopcock or Extension with Luer Connections, and #4 Universal Stainless Aspirator Coupler with “O” Rings.

  1. The lid fits on Canister and is locked down.

2a. The stopcock (FC-40099) fits on Canister Luer Extension, ensuring it’s in the locked position!


2b. Extension with Luer Connections (FC-40870) fits on Canister Luer Extension ensuring it’s in the locked position!

  1. Insert Stainless Universal Aspiration Coupler (FC-40970) into Lid.


  1. Unwrap and Assemble Stand with Legs (2)


  1. Collect Fat into “FAT BUCKET”.
  2. Allow contents to decant (10-15 minutes).
  3. Draw off unwanted Fluid.
  4. Once you’re drawing Fat into your syringe or basin, attach re-injection syringe(s).
  5. Fill Syringes.
  6. Perform Transfer.


  1. Dis-assemble all items, soak and clean thoroughly.
  2. Use Ultrasonic Cleaner with Enzyme if Available (Highly Recommended).



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