Berkley VC-10 Vacuum Currettage System



Berkley VC-10 Vacuum Currettage System 

The Berkeley VC-10 is ideally suited for all clinical settings, and was designed to be simple to operate, easy to maintain, and highly reliable.This AC-powered system features a quiet operating pump made possible by dual mufflers that makes it up to 50% quieter than comparable systems. Among many other uses, it is utilized to minimize the size of the kidneys in patients with specific kidney diseases in a fast, safe, and effective manner. Dilation and curettage (D&C) provides gynecologists with a means for surgical removal of part of the uterine lining or its contents via the cervix. Although traditionally performed by scraping with a curette, today’s D&C options include suction curettage by vacuum aspiration with related disposables for fast, efficient in-office procedures.


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