DTS Aspiration Pump


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DTS Aspiration Pump ( Comparable to the Wells Johnson Aspirator II )

Introducing another DTS innovation – the all-new DTS Aspirator, featuring a smooth gray casing, manufactured in dent-free, scratch-resistant polymer plastic. The interior has been redesigned with simplicity in mind: powered by dual-synchronized piston pumps and surrounded by a special 2″ sound absorbing foam. When you choose the DTS Aspirator, you’ll receive superior quality throughout all brass fittings and pre-tested high-pressure lines. The DTS aspirator is a high-powered suction system with two oil-less piston vacuum pumps. The system is designed to pull a vacuum on any closed container or any open process system. Vacuum is accomplished by mounting the vacuum pumps in parallel.

When the DTS Aspirator is connected, the air flow will be from the tip of the cannula through the tubing, collection system, overflow trap, bacterial filter and finally to the pumps evacuate the air from the lines, creating a vacuum pulling aspirated material in the same direction as the airflow. Aspirated material continues to the collection system under normal suction until the cannula is exposed to air again.

DTS Aspirator Features

    • Built in gauge
    • Quiet, two-motor suction system
    • Maintains steady power
    • Its small size and 4-wheeled base makes the Aspirator II easy to move if needed
    • Compatible Canisters and Liners

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With Canister, Tubing, & Filter, Pump Only


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