Wells Johnson External Ultrasonic Assist

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Wells Johnson Silberg External Ultrasonic Assist

Combing external ultrasonic energy, infusion and temperature monitoring for an effective aspiration procedure.

The patented External Ultrasonic Aspirator externally applies ultrasonic energy to an infiltrated treatment area. The ultrasonic energy disrupts the soft tissue cells, placing them into state of fill suspension. The soft tissue cells can then be easily extracted using a traditional aspiration cannula. Physicians have found the external ultrasonic assist procedure effective for treatment of fibrous soft tissue and can achieve better contours. Surgeons have found the External Ultrasonic Aspirator to be beneficial in many aesthetic surgical procedures. The Wells Johnson high powered variable flow infusion pump has been incorporated into the Silberg External Ultrasonic Assist system for convenience and efficency. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 850 ml per minute. The development of suction-assisted lipoplasty revolutionized body contouring as it allows the plastic surgeon to reshape the body using small incisions and with minimal morbidity.The transducer converts the electric energy to mechanical energy through a piezoelectric effect, the phenomenon by which certain crystal substances undergo a deformational change when they are subjected to an electric current. The area to be treated must be pretreated with subcutaneous fluid to transmit the ultrasonic energy and to allow the delivery of higher densities of energy and to allow the delivery of higher densities of energy.


  • Base Unit
  • Foot Pedal
  • 2 Hand Pieces


  • Increases comfort level for the patient
  • Reduces surgeon fatigue
  • Requires no protective skin sheaths
  • Promotes small incision
  • Reduces operating room time


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