Plastic Surgery

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  • Heine ML4 LED HeadLight Unplugged

    Heine ML4 LED HeadLight with Headband Professional L and mPack Unplugged

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    Wells Johnson External Ultrasonic Assist

  • Bovie Ultimate J-Plasma BVX-200H

  • Sale! Bovie Ultimate J-Plasma Generator

    Bovie Ultimate J-Plasma BVX-200P

  • Sale! VaserLipo 2.2 Liposuction System Bank Repo

    VaserLipo 2.2 Liposuction System

  • Fat Transfer Autoclavable Canister

  • Sale! covidien kendall scd express vascular refill detection

    COVIDIEN KENDALL SCD EXPRESS Vascular Refill Detection 2012


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  • Pelton and Crane Magnaclave Sterilizer

    Pelton and Crane Magnaclave


Specialty Category for Plastic Surgeons. Including all kind of medical equipment for sale. Electrosurgical unit, power procedure chair, autoclave, magnaclave, power assisted liposuction machine, fat transfer canister, surgical headlight, loupe and more.