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Infrared Vein Finder 400 Series

The Infrared Vein Finder / Revealer 400 Series, near-infrared vein finder bases on the near-infrared absorbance difference between veins and surround tissue, it projects accurate and real-time vein image on the skin of patient. The 400 Series can be used to find and evaluate the patients’ veins, help nurse to do vein puncture.The Infrared Vein Finder / Revealer can help increasing first vein puncture attempt successful rate, increasing vein finding and puncture efficiency, increasing patients’ satisfaction and decrease medical disputes. The 400 Series vein finder is widely used in the following departments: pediatric, emergency, oncology, geriatric, radiology, laboratory, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, etc.

Vein visualization is proven technology. Thousands of facilities around the world have implemented it and many have now adopted it as their standard of care.

Healthcare is facing many challenges. Vein visualization can help meet these challenges.

  • Patient satisfaction is core to today’s healthcare providers and patient satisfaction impacts procedure reimbursement.
  • Controlling costs isn’t optional. It’s part of everything you do.
  • Excellent patient care is why you go to work every day.

How Does the Technology Work?

Vein visualization (also known as vein illumination) uses Near-infrared (NIR) imaging for detecting veins. This proven technology enables accurate visualization of the veins under the skin. The two lasers work in tandem to provide a real-time image of the subcutaneous vasculature up to 10mm deep.  First, the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the infrared light, so there is a reduced amount of light reflection from the veins.  Then, a custom detection system uses this change in reflection to determine vein location and pattern, which it digitally projects on the surface of the skin.  Lastly, the red laser makes the vein mapping visible to the clinician. The result is a visual projection that has center line accuracy of less than the width of a human hair. 


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