DTS Therapy Light

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DTS Therapy Light

The DTS Therapy Light is based on research by NASA indicating that certain frequencies of light significantly increase new tissue growth, stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This breakthrough technology does not use heat or any kind of invasive process, but triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy without thermal heat. LED light therapy is non-invasive, and causes no inflammation. The Cold Light LED has three light colors: Red, Blue, and Amber.
Benefits of the red and amber lights include: reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of age spots and sun damage, increase in collagen, reduction of overall redness, flushing and dilated capillaries. The blue light minimizes inflamed and non-inflamed acne conditions.

How long do treatments take?
Treatments take between 15 to 20 minutes. The treatment is painless, and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Is the Cold Light safe? The energy delivered by the Cold Light™ produces little heat and will not burn the tissue like a medical laser. The Cold Light™ transmits light energy to deeper skin cells in the same manner that the sun’s light stimulates plant cell growth. The Cold Light™ energy is a regenerative and stimulates collagen and new skin cell growth.

What kind of results can I expect?
Everyone’s skin varies, but most people feel and see a difference in about four treatments. Because of differences in damaged skin, some people will see the benefits almost immediately and others will need more treatments. Treatments are progressive, and the skin looks better with each treatment.

Can the Cold Light be combined with other treatments?
The Cold Light treatment can be combined with treatment such as: Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and Jet Clear treatments, to further enhance results.



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