Vintage Pelton & Crane Sterilizer 12″ x 23″


Certified Pre-Owned Medical Equipment


Vintage Pelton & Crane Sterilizer

This Vintage Pelton & Crane Sterilizer, measuring approximately 12″ x 23″, comes with 2 trays for the large Sterilizing chamber. The Pelton & Crane Sterilizer is ideally suited for large sterilizable equipment for a variety of medical practices and area specialties. Regardless of the size or quantity of the items that you’re sterilizing, with a chamber as large as this Vintage model, you’ve got more than enough capacity.

Pelton Sterilizer Specifications

  • Power Source: 220 V
  • Power Consumption: 3000 W
  • Chamber Size: 12″ Diameter x 23″ D

About Pelton & Crane

Pelton & Crane was founded by Dr. Richard M Pelton, a dentist who felt the need in his own practice for a furnace used to bake porcelain inlays. He called upon a friend, Mr. Ernest M Crane, who was an electrical engineer, to help him with the design and construction. Other dentists were impressed with the innovative new device and requested that they be permitted to buy one.

These events led to the birth in 1900 of the Pelton & Crane Company in the basement of Dr. Pelton’s home in Detroit, Michigan. This little company grew to the point where it was necessary for Dr. Pelton and Mr. Crane to give up their respective professions and devote their full time to the business of Pelton & Crane. Dr. Pelton and Mr. Crane always insisted on delivering the highest quality products and relevant innovation to the dental industry.

Now, over 110 years later, Pelton & Crane dental sterilization equipment is still trusted by dental professionals all around the world.

Proven – Pelton & Crane is the reliable, experienced partner that generations of dental professionals have come to rely on for beautifully appointed, functional, quality clinical environments. We are proud to have stood the test of time as an industry leader.

Passionate – Pelton & Crane’s passion lies in creating high-quality dental equipment that improves the lives of clinicians and patients. Leveraging a world-class quality system, Pelton & Crane pushes for reliability and functionality at every stage of a product’s life.

Innovative – The essence of Pelton & Crane innovation is blending functional, efficient ideas into elegant, ergonomic designs. With proven design processes and an array of thoughtful solutions, Pelton & Crane pushes for utmost efficiency while delivering peace of mind to practitioners and patients.


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