LipoSound Ultrasonic Liposuction System: Vaser Alternative

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LipoSound Ultrasonic Liposuction System: Vaser Alternative


  • Main body(portable)
    – 7 inch wide screen
    – 1 hand piece port on front panel
    – 2 foot switch ports on back panel
    – Operating mode control buttons
  • Hand piece(with cable)
    – E/O gas & autoclave sterilization
    – 258g for easier stroke with heaviness
    – Designed so as not to slip during stroke
  • Titanium probes
    – 1.9Ø(105mm length)
    – 2.9Ø(290mm length)
    – 3.7Ø(305mm length)
    – 1, 2 and 3 grooved probes

Key Advantages

• Ultrasound energy of Liposound is designed to disrupt only fat based on the tissue strength.
–  Selective fat tissue melting

• Minimal damage of other important tissues like nerves and blood, vessels
and connective tissues.
– 3 LESS(bleeding, pain, swelling)
–  Faster recovery

Easier aspiration due to selectively emulsified fat tissues.
– Physician’s fatigue decrease

• Various applications with versatile probes : Face, body and special cases such as
six-pack surgery, gynecomastia and osmidrosis.

• Optimal for revision surgery and fibrous superficial layer.

• No mechanical vibration ⇒ no disturbance for next treatment in a day





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