Permark and Accents Micropigmentation Enhancer Set

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Permark and Accents Micropigmentation Enhancer Set

The two products listed are for the purpose of Permanent make up tattooing, including nipple-areola tattoo, scar and hair camouflage and permanent makeup, and cosmetic procedures.

Both the Permark the Enhance and Accents Micropigmentation are fully functional and in good condition, over all a great deal. Its speed selection knob (0-8000) Rpm with International voltage switch.

These two micropigmentation equipment have been trusted by doctors and aestheticians for over 20 years and are among the leading manufacturers of micropigmentation machines. Buy this Micropigmentation Set today!



During the scalp micropigmentation process, a specialized needle is used to deposit pigment in tiny dots within the upper layers of skin on your scalp. Each “dot” replicates an individual shaven hair follicle. When combined with thousands of other dots and blended skillfully with whatever real hair you have remaining, an illusion of a full head of shaven hair is created.


This hair loss technique is ideal for four groups of people:

1. Following a hair transplant procedure.
2. Those with hair transplant scars.
3. Those suffering from one of the many forms of alopecia. – those who are losing (or have lost)
their hair.
4. Those who lack sufficient hair density.

How important is the size of the dots and the depth they are implanted?
In scalp micropigmentation, each dot is intended to replicate a real shaven hair follicle. In order to achieve this, the dot must be the right size and shade, and must stand the test of time.


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