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CDT Evolution

The CDT Evolution Cosmetics Machine comes from the inventors of Carboxytherapy

Therapeutic indication

  • Aesthetic medicine (cellulite, skin laxity, localized adiposity and body- contouring, anti-aging of the face, neck, décolleté, upper arm and hands, stretch marks, scars, dewlap)
  • Dermatology (psoriasis)
  • Plastic surgery (pre/post liposuction)
  • Phlebology (venous insufficiency lymphatic insufficiency)
  • Angiology (peripheral arteriopathy, micro-angiopathy, Raynaud syndrome, acrocyanosis)
  • Andrology (erectile dysfunction of microangio-pathic etymology)
  • Face, neck and décolleté

With carboxytherapy is possible to revitalize the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, obtaining a brighter, smoother tonic skin, with a lifting effect on neck and décolleté (where is possible to treat in the same time fat deposits, such as dewlap).
Skin laxity

On skin laxity, the first results are visible after only few sessions – carboxytherapy improves the skin texture, it increases the tonicity and thickness of the dermis which results more compact and revitalized. Studies demonstrated an increase of the UE/UR – skin elasticity between 7,5% and 171,2%.
Cellulites and body-contouring

In the so-called cellulites, the alterations of the micro-circulation, of the tissue metabolism and of the lymphatic drainage, induce a series of functional and aesthetic symptoms (orange skin, dimpling, water retention, etc…)

The effectiveness of CDT is linked with its action on the microcirculation trough the reopening of closed capillaries, an increase in the physiological lipolytic oxidative process and the stimulation of the lymphatic and venous drainage.
Stretch marks and scars

Recent post-partum red stretch marks are definitively resolved, after few sessions of carboxytherapy.

White, old stretch marks and the various scars, even if not removed, improve significantly.
Chronic wounds

A common cause to all chronic wounds is hypoxia, which, for various reasons, leads to degenerative phenomena. Uppermost universities and multi-centric studies shoed a neoangiogenesis and increased arterial sphygmicity following subcutaneous administration of CO2 on cutaneous ulcers and difficult wounds, such as decubitus ulcers.


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