GE Logiq E R7 Ultrasound Machine with 2 New Probes


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GE Logiq E R7 Ultrasound Machine with 2 New Probes – DOM 2015

Dr’s Toy Store has one of the most popular portable veterinary ultrasound system for sale, the GE Logiq E R7 Ultrasound Machine. The GE Logiq e Vet has always been an affordable solution for a quality portable ultrasound machine full of features for small animals. The Logiq E R7 has true Shared Services capabilities that offers full body imaging for veterinarians and is essentially the only portable ultrasound in its class and price range that has truly good image quality across all applications. This Ultrasound system is extremely customizable. It allows you to adjust the quality of the images, set annotations, presets, and programmable buttons, and because of these reasons it’s why the GE Logiq E R7 Ultrasound is the most popular solution.

The GE Logiq E is also fully digital and allows for export to external hard drive, network, flash drive, and DVD.


High resolution distal limb imaging using the 12L 6-13 MHz 47mm footprint linear probe.

Cardiology – the 3S-RS probe is one of GE most well know probes used by most of the world’s most well known equine surgeons and provides penetration to 30cm.

Imaging of the equine abdomen using the C1-5-RS convex probe.

Small animal

High resolution images using the 8C 4.0-10.0 MHz micro-convex probe provides outstanding detail of structures such as adrenal glands.

Linear probes, such as the 12L-RS and L8-18i-RS provide even higher resolution of superficial abdominal structures such as cat spleens and kidneys. The L8-18i is also excellent for opthalmic studies. The trapezoidal function provides a wider field of view than a standard linear probe.

Cardiology – phased array probes to cover from giant dogs to cats with full Doppler capability.

Exotic animals

8C-RS on tortoises enables intracoelomic exams to be performed through the inguinal fossa.

**Your Purchase includes Any of the 2 New Probes or Transducers listed below that’s for your practice.**

GE Logiq e Vet Features:

  • 15″ LCD
  • Approximately 10lbs
  • Rear handle
  • Shared-services with CW Doppler option
  • CrossXBeam compound imaging (as option)
  • SRI Speckle Reduction imaging (as option)
  • Includes full set of applications and calculations
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging
  • More customizable than many of its competitors
  • Trackball allows for easier measurements than trackpad systems
  • 2D, M-Mode
  • PW/CW/Color/Power Doppler

System Functions:

  • 2D Black & White Imaging
  • 2D Color Flow
  • M-Mode B&W Imaging
  • Doppler
  • Any combinations of the above


  • DVD-RW
  • B&W Video Printer

Service Login User Accounts:

  • Operation
  • Administrator
  • External Service
Monitor Display Features:

  • Facility name
  • Date/time
  • Operator ID
  • System Status
  • Patient Name/ID
  • Acoustic Output Readout
  • GE Symbol: Probe Orientation Marker
  • Image Preview
  • Gray/Color Bar Cine Gauge
  •  Measurement Summary Window
  • Image
  • Measurement
  • Results Window
  • Probe Identifier
  • Imaging Parameters
  • Focal Zone
  • TGC (not shown on image)
  • Body Pattern
  • Depth Scale
  • Caps Lock
  • Start Menu Icon
  • Battery Icon
  • Network Icon
  • Track Functions
  • Active Key for Depth/Zone/Ellipse

System Logs:

  • System
  • Power
  • Informatics
  • Temperature
  • Probe
  • Board

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 2.5 in


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