SIUI CTS-8800 Ultrasound Machine


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SIUI CTS-8800 Ultrasound Machine

The SIUI CTS-8800 Ultrasound Machine is a portable unit and combines the latest in ultrasound imaging technology with speckle reduction technology and enhanced zoom. The SIUI CTS-8800 is very easy to use for all operators and features a stable operating system with a 160 GB HDD. Able to produce 4D black and white images at lower cost of its competitors. The SIUI CTS-8800 is the most cost-effective 4D ultrasound imaging equipment on the market.

The SIUI CTS-8800 Ultrasound Machine is the first entry level system to combine advanced imaging features with wireless technology. Veterinary presets, image storage and instant image optimization make everything logical and user friendly. The CTS-8800 provides technologies such as Spatial Compound Imaging, Tissue Harmonics, Speckle Reduction and Variable Image Focusing to produce high quality images. Combining these high technology features with wireless image transmission allows the CTS-8800 to take your clinic to the forefront of technology.

SIUI CTS-8800 Ultrasound Machine Features

  • High Resolution 10” LCD Monitor
  • Speckle Reduction Technology
  • 512 frame Cineloop
  • Multi-Frequency Probes
  • 4D and 2D imaging
  • One touch Image Optimization
  • Veterinary Presets
  • Large and Small Animal Reproductive Tables
  • Abdominal and Cardiac Measurement Programs
  • Wireless Image Transmission

The addition of wireless technology to SIUI CTS-8800 Ultrasound Machine changes the way clinics will use and present information to clients. The system no longer needs to be brought to the owner or images to be printed. With SIUI Wireless Technology, images are sent real time to an iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone. Images can then be stored for later review or sent to any email address. Reports can be generated on the iPad and also sent with images. You are no longer chained to your machine.


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