GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine – 2 Transducers

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GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine – 2 Transducers (Cardiac, Vascular)

The GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine has the capability to handle up to 18 ultrasound probes, which makes it perhaps the most versatile ultrasound machine you can buy. This model features automatic tissue optimization in addition to coded harmonics, which will help you achieve imaging results that are second to none.

From color flow imaging with super-high frame rates to DICOM connectivity, the new Vivid 3 offers a wealth of technological innovations that enhance image quality, productivity and patient care. As the next generation of GE technology, the Vivid 3 PRO and Vivid 3 EXPERT feature a new system architecture, called TruScan, that provides a whole new way of looking at cardiac ultrasound images in their true form. TruScan is a software-intensive, ultrasound-imaging platform that provides physicians with excellent computational power, image manipulation capabilities, workflow flexibility and product upgradeability.

GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine Features

  • Coded Harmonics
  • Color Doppler, color angio and B-color
  • Steerable PW / CW spectral Doppler with 2.0 MHz blind CW probe
  • ECG / M-mode with 3 lead ECG cable
  • Cine Loop
  • Cardiac and Vascular calcs / reports software
  • DICOM Print
  • B, B/M, M Mode
  • TruScan
  • TruAccess
  • Comfort Scan
  • VScan
  • ECG / AUX
  • CD Writer
  • Patient Archive
  • AMM
  • ATO
  • Flex View
  • Play and Save
  • Excel Expert
  • Automatic Tissue Optimization
  • (THI) Tissue Harmonics Imaging
  • Smart Zoom
  • 15″ CRT color monitor
  • 3 probe ports
  • ETHERNET port

GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine Applications

  • Cardiac
  • Vascular
  • Obstetrics
  • OB/GYN
  • Small parts
  • Pediatrics
  • Abdominal Intraoperative Monitoring

VScan for Complete Versatility

GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine has up to 18 transducers offering an unprecedented range of applications, such as:

  • Advanced 3D option for vascular studies
  • Enhanced OR performance with TEE and intra-operative probes, and critical time-saving features
  • Stress Echo option reduces exam times by allowing mid-exam protocol changes for shortened data analysis and report generation
  • New C721 transducer for pediatric and neonatal applications

Optional GE Vivid 3 Pro Ultrasound Machine Transducer

  • GE 3S: 1.5 – 3.6 MHz, Phased Array
  • GE 5S: 2.2 – 5.5 MHz, Phased Array
  • GE 7S: 3 – 8 MHz, Phased Array
  • GE 10S: 4 – 12 MHz, Phased Array
  • GE C358: 1.8 – 5.0 MHz, Convex
  • GE 7L: 3 – 7 MHz, Linear
  • GE 10L: 4 – 11 MHz, Linear
  • GE i739: 5.7 – 10.0 MHz, Linear
  • GE t739: 5.7 – 10.0 MHz, Linear
  • GE P2D: 2.0 MHz, Pencil
  • GE P6D: 6.0 MHz, Pencil
  • GE 6T: 2.9 – 6.7 MHz, Multiplane TEE
  • GE 8T: 3.3 – 8.0 MHz, Multiplane TEE
  • GE PAMPTE: 4.4 – 8.0 MHz, Multiplane TEE

TruAccess for Total Data Management

Increase patient throughput with full raw data DICOM connectivity that shifts post-exam review to an EchoPAC workstation and frees your system for additional scanning.

  • New MPEGvue option lets you compactly save entire patient records – including high-quality images – onto CDs that can be transferred easily and inexpensively for remote viewing on your PC
    via e-mail or network communication
  • Design custom report templates by selecting the format and appearance you need – even import your facility’s logo


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