Esaote Mylab 15 Ultrasound System with Probes


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Esaote Mylab 15 Ultrasound System

The MyLab 15 is a compact console ultrasound system with premium quality in soft tissue resolution. Engineered with Esaote’s ESA-DYN and XView technologies, the MyLab 15 image quality is truly exceptional for a system in its size and class.

XView is Esaote’s proprietary solution for superior contrast resolution. The ESADYN technology allows Esaote to offer the MyLab 15’s exclusive high dynamic signal processing.

Esaote MyFeatures:

  • Tissue Enhancement Imaging
  • B-Mode, M-Mode, B/B-Mode, B/M -Mode
  • Most up-to-date high density Linear Array multi-frequency probe, ranging from  7.5 to 15.0 MHz.
  • USB and peripherals connectivity
  • Ergonomic design and workflow
  • Windows platform
  • Ergonomic design and workflow
  • Full feature keyboard
  • Upgrade ability to Color Doppler


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