Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical Unit


Wallach’s exclusive two-trigger cryosurgical system delivers fast and precise freeze/defrost control and allows cryotips to be changed at any time without venting.

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Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical Unit

Introducing the Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical System.
Wallach’s exclusive two-trigger design lets the physician precisely control both freeze and defrost. With twice the freeze power of other systems, the Wallach LL100 performs both functions more effectively in less time eliminating treatment failures. Freeze and defrost only occur when triggered. Light weight, well-balanced and maneuverable–provides full view of the target tissue. The gas hose on this cryosurgical unit allows for unimpeded surgical movement. Cryotips can be changed at any time without venting. A large selection of highly conductive reusable, sterilizable cryotips and disposable plastic shields are available.

Physicians can experience the fastest defrost and freeze with the Nitrous Oxide LL100 Cryosurgical System by Wallach. With a unique two trigger design, physicians can meticulously control freeing and defrosting, and boasts twice as much power compared to its competitors. The LL100 Cryosurgical System performs both freezing and defrosting in a less amount of time and these functions can only be started when triggered. Built to be well balanced, lightweight and easy to maneuver, the LL100 Cryosurgical System is provides an unobstructed view of the target tissue. It comes with a gas hose, which allows uninterrupted surgical movements, and the cryotips can be replaced without venting.    

Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical Unit Includes:

  • 3 Cryotips
  • N2O Cylinder (Unfilled)
  • Cart for 20 lb. Cylinder is included in the package if NEW model is purchased. Additional charge if buying a pre-owned model.

Wallach LL100 Cryosurgical Unit Features

  • More effective freeze/defrost in less time
  • Freeze and defrost only when triggered
  • Lightweight, well-balanced and maneuverable
  • Use with Wallach’s large selection of cryotips and disposable plastic shields


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