Wallach Zoomscope Colposcope



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Wallach Zoomscope Colposcope

Introducing the Wallach Zoomscope Colposcope

  • Lights converge on target
  • No need to frequently change a light bulb

Wallach’s unique overhead suspension system places the ZoomScope’s head in any position required. Once in place, it stays put! The suspension is up and out of the way providing unobstructed access to the operative site for performing colposcopically-directed punch biopsy of LLETZ procedures. Add continuous zoom with stereoscopic Nikon optics, delivering 4.5 – 20x zoom, and you have the utmost flexibility and precision available!

Plus the Wallach Zoomscope Colposcope has zoom knobs and horizontal and vertical adjustment on both sides of the optical head.

Zoom series colposcopes provide a continuous, uninterrupted zoomed view from 4x to 20x magnification using high-quality Nikon optics. Tri series colposcopes step through three fixed magnifications of 8x, 13x, and 21x and features a built-in dual optical beamsplitter, which permits attachment of a digital camera and/or a co-observation teaching tube.

Wallach Zoomscope Colposcope Specifications

  • Objective lens (working distance): 285 mm
  • Total magnification: 4x – 20x
  • Field of view: 51.95 mm – 12.12 mm
  • Depth of field: 11.2
  • Ocular (eyepieces): 20x (field number 12)
  • Interpupillary range: 54 mm to 75 mm
  • Tilt of viewing head: 60 degrees
  • Binocular tube design: Greenbough
  • Binocular tube length: 39 mm – 50 mm
  • Vessel delineation light: Yes
  • Objective type: Achromatic

Scope Stand/Base Specifications

  • Maximum height: 63″
  • Height of column: 40″
  • Overall weight: 61 lbs
  • Center of column to center of scope with arm suspended: 20″
  • Height of microscope with arm in lowest position: 26-1/2″
  • Height of microscope with arm in highest position: 46″
  • Fused power input: 2-amps fast flow fuses (2x), 250V, 5 mm x 20 mm
  • Power requirements: 100-200/200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 100VA
  • Power cord supplied: 120VAC medical grade

Wallach Surgical offers industry-leading medical systems and instruments, including colposcopes, cryosurgical and electrosurgical units, digital and Doppler imaging devices, and a broad range of instruments and disposables that keep practices and hospitals running safely and smoothly.
Physicians have relied on our diverse product portfolio for more than 30 years. Moving forward, we are committed to expanding into new technologies, including our acquisition of Summit Doppler and our ongoing research and development efforts.


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