Leica CM 1850 Cryostat



The Leica CM 1850 cryostat has proven to regarded as one of the most reliable cryostats in the industry. Intended for cutting frozen sections of standard and non-standard materials, the Leica CM 1850 is designed to rapidly freeze material in a temperature controlled environment.

Several features of The Leica CM 1850 Cryostat includes a specimen quick freezing shelf that cools to -45℃ with storage space for up to 10 specimen disks. Also features a two speed motorized coarse feed that moves specimen towards or away from the knife holder. The slower the forward speed used in conjunction with a rocking motion of the hand wheel permits the operator to quickly trim away excess material and achieve full face of the specimen.

The Leica CM 1850 allows section thickness ranging from 1 to 60µm and has a precision crafted spindle feed and roller bearing slide for precise sectioning qualities. Also features a built in enclosed drain system that greatly reduces the chance of spreading infectious agents through out the workspace. The microtome removes easily for quick cleaning and can be either set for low or high profile blades.


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