Nicolet VikingQuest EMG System – Silver AMP, Silver Base

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Nicolet VikingQuest EMG System – Silver AMP, Silver Base

VikingQuest is the most widely used and trusted system in Neurodiagnostics. The superior functionality of the Nicolet VikingQuest EMG System will save you time and optimize patient results during examinations. The automated study and anatomy database features are efficient and make it easy for you to customize your system to meet your specific needs. Used in the majority of teaching hospitals, VikingQuest’s products are a true marriage of education and innovation.

With the NicVue software interface used by VikingQuest, you can customize how your system handles your valuable data. Also, with the V-Link component of VIASYS Data Exchange System (VDEX), you’ll be able to seamlessly communicate with your hospital or clinic information system, reducing the potential for error through manual data entry. V-Link and NicVue will make your labs more efficient and productive.

The portable, efficient, and reliable VikingQuest allows you the flexibility you need to perform Neurodiagnostic exams virtually anywhere with this lightweight system. Even if you’ve never used a Neurodiagnostic System, the VikingQuest is simple to operate. It provides more functionality and connectivity to your existing systems than any other portable neurodiagnostic device.

Nicolet VikingQuest EMG features:

  • Control panel and cursor wheel facilitates simple single-hand operation
  • 2 or 4-channel amplifiers for unmatched data quality in all environments
  • USB communication to the computer allows for minimal cables and quick setup time
  • Remotely analyze data by using the notebook computer as a stand-alone review station
  • Utilizes the NicVue or VikingQuest Patient Database Software to optimize patient handling
  • Automated Study℡ to create user-specific protocols that can be completed with a single button
  • Lightweight base unit with triggering capabilities that allow the system to meet any Neurodiagnostic demands
  • The total solution, for the mobile or office-based customer, providing superb Neurodiagnostic testing capabilities


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