Cadwell Sierra Wave EMG

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Cadwell Sierra Wave EMG

The Cadwell Sierra Wave EMG is well suited to hospitals, clinics, and mobile testing services. The basic system includes a 2 or 4 channel amplifier with EMG, NCV, F Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, Blink, Somatosensory Evoked Potentials, Autonomic Studies, and customizable Report Generation utilizing Microsoft Word. The Sierra Wave utilizes a unique StimTroller which reduces testing time by providing commonly used functions on the remote handheld stimulator.

Advanced options include Single Fiber EMG, MUP Analysis, Interference Pattern Analysis, MUNE, Auditory and Visual EPs, and P300.

Cadwell Sierra Wave EMG features

*Base Unit with a dedicated keypad and knob controls
*Programmable Handheld StimTroller™ (remote stim and test controller)
*2 or 4 Channel Amplifier
*EMG protocols (free run and capture mode)
*Buffer Playback with audio (up to 10 minutes)
*Unlimited Buffer Storage
*Programmable Muscle Scoring
*EMG snapshots within the published reports
*Single Motor Unit Analysis (SMUA)
*EMG Guided Injection Protocol


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