Cadwell Sierra II Wedge EMG


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Cadwell Sierra II Wedge EMG

The Cadwell Sierra II Wedge EMG model we have for sale is the Sierra II Console with a desktop PC, LCD monitor, and laser printer on a Large Trolley Cart.

Exclusive software features

E M G , N C V, F – Wa v e, H-Reflex, RNS, Blink Reflex and SEP protocols are all standard in both the Sierra II Wedge and Console. Optional EP capabilities are available to expand the systems functionality.

Portable or permanent models

If portability is a requirement, the Cadwell Sierra II Wedge is the preferred instrument. The base unit weighs just 6 lbs. A high performance laptop computer runs the software. It comes with a soft carrying case that meets airline carry-on requirements. For permanent locations, the Sierra II Console is the best choice. This system is set up with a desktop computer, LCD monitor and printer and our custom designed cart. The keyboards on both instruments are familiar and intuitive. A hand held electrical stimulator, footswitch, 2 or 4-channel amplifier, amp cable and all necessary software are included. Optional auditory, visual and electrical evoked potential stimuli capabilities are available to expand the functionality. Available as a 2 or 4-channel design, the amplifier is exceptionally quiet. The fast recovery design reduces shock artifact and produces accurate results quickly.

Cadwell Sierra II Wedge Report Generator

The Report Generator is a feature that many users won’t live without. Unlimited custom templates can be created and assigned to specific tests, or choose from an extensive list of factory-set report templates. Tr aces, including EMG, tabulated measurements, patient information, findings, conclusions and comments can all be part of the report. The report generator has a unique feature called Sentence Generator. It derives grammatically correct sentences from tabular data n o r m a l v a l u e information, then displays the results based on preset u s e r – d e f i n e d parameters. The user can choose to see abnormal results, normal and abnormal results, results grouped by nerve or abnormality and the actual wording of the sentence. Many reports can be signature ready in one minute! Reports can be faxed or emailed for viewing and analysis.

Innovative neurodiagnostic instruments since 1979

In 1979 Cadwell Laboratories designed the first microprocessor controlled EMG instrument, and has been innovating ever since, garnering 8 patents, with numerous other patents pending. The instruments are built to last, with many machines providing faithful service for more than 25 years.


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