Smith & Nephew 560P, 660HD, 500XL Endoscopic Camera System


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Smith & Nephew 560P, 660HD, 500XL Endoscopic Camera System

560P Camera System:

The digital-broadcast quality 560 Series 3-CCD High Definition Camera System produces pure HD 1080i imaging. It’s a complete end-to-end, high definition system that keeps the HD format throughout the entire video chain – including optics, camera head, CCU and monitor. And it meets the ATSC broadcast standards for HDTV.

Native HD image data acquired by the 560 H camera is conveyed to the CCU via a high speed digital interface, where the image data is processed and converted into HDTV images, which can then be displayed on HD flat panel monitors.

560H Camera Head

  • Uses 3-CCD (Charge Coupled Device) design to acquire the digital HDTV image data.
  • Micro-electronic technology supports ergonomic design: the 560 camera head is similar in size and weight to a standard camera head.
  • 3-button, 6-function interface controls image and remote operation of compatible peripheral devices like CCU’s, printers, and Smith & Nephew Image Management Systems.


660HD Image System:

The 660HD Image Management System can increase OR efficiency by capturing and utilizing surgical images in a true high definition (HD) format.

The OR staff can now capture, edit, print, and store intraoperative surgical images and videos in true 1920 x 1080 high definition (HD) format. Patient images and videos can be captured using camera head buttons or the graphical user interface. Images can be edited and printed on inkjet or laser printers. Patient data can be written to a data CD/DVD for a computer, or a video DVD for use in commercial DVD players.

500XL Light Source:

The 500 XL Light Source provides bright illumination and is part of the complete Smith & Nephew visualization experience when paired with the 560 HD camera platform.

More than 18% brighter than stand-alone LED sources with consistent 300 watt Xenon light*.

Ideal viewing in challenging arthroscopic environments

Intuitive Interface. Ability to control Xenon light source from the Smith & Nephew 560 HD Camera

Bright LCD panel with user-friendly messaging, including lamp hour usage

Rotational turret allows for multiple light guide compatibility

Efficient Design. Digital shutter control with automatic standby feature when light guide is removed

New fan design provides quiet operation


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