Karl Storz 27005C Hopkins II Cystoscope 70-Degree 4mm


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Karl Storz 27005C Hopkins II Cystoscope

Introducing the Karl Storz 27005C Hopkins II Cystoscope for sale.

About Cystoscopy

Cystoscopy is procedure of inserting a cystoscope into urethra – the tube that carries urine from bladder to outside the body. Cystoscope uses optical fibers and consists of lenses like telescope or microscope. Cystoscopy reveals tumors, stones or cancer.

In Cystoscopy usually a local anesthetic gel or spray to numb the urethra is used to perform flexible cystoscopy to reduce any discomfort when the cystoscope is inserted into the urethra. A general anesthetic (where you’re asleep), or a spinal anesthetic (epidural) that numbs all feeling below your spine usually is used in rigid cystoscopy. Risks include urinary tract infection, long term bleeding and problems in passing urine in some people.

A cystoscopy can be used to investigate symptoms that involve the urethra or the bladder. You may need to have a cystoscopy to determine the cause of concerns such as:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Painful urination
  • Urinary retention (inability to urinate)
  • Recurrent bladder infections
  • Frequent urination
  • Pelvic pain

Karl Storz History

Karl Storz founded his company for the production of ENT instruments, headlamps and binocular loupes in 1945. This interest in medical vision, illumination, and thus physics consequently led him to specialize in endoscopes. He became fascinated with the idea of developing instruments that would enable the physician to look inside the body. However, the technology available at the time was still very limited. The area under examination in the interior of the human body was illuminated with miniature electric lamps. Alternatively, attempts were made to reflect light from an external source into the body through an endoscopic tube.

Karl Storz quickly realized that this method would not provide adequate illumination and so he resolved to find an alternative. In realizing this dream, Karl Storz benefited from two rather contradictory character traits: The unerring meticulousness of the craftsman and the imaginative power of the artist and inventor. The solution he found still holds true today: Very bright light generated by an external light source is introduced into the body through a flexible fiber optic light cable. The principle of “cold light illumination” paved the way for modern endoscopy and laid the foundation for the future success of the company KARL STORZ. With more than 400 patents and utility models, Karl Storz has played a crucial role in the development of modern endoscopy.


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