Welch Allyn FX-100 Sigmoidoscope, Light Source and Vac Complete System


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Welch Allyn FX-100 Sigmoidoscope, Light Source and Vac Complete System

Our complete system includes the Welch Allyn FX-100 Sigmoidoscope, the LX-150 Endoscopic Light Source and the Shuco-Vac 130 Aspirator.

Welch Allyn FX-100 Flexible Sigmoidoscope

This Flexible Sigmoidoscope has a working length of 65cm for full left colon examinations. The insertion tube for the FX-100 Scope measures about and provides a loop-free insertion and minimizes patient discomfort. The biopsy channel measures and provides quick aspiration and easy biopsy or for other accessory passages. This Sigmoidoscope deflection range of 180 degrees up and down as well as 160 degrees right and left for easy insertion through the rectosimoid junction and a complete flexed view in ampule. The view is 100 degrees to eliminate any blind spots. This is a great Flex Sigmoidoscope by Welch Allyn.

  • Working Length: 650 mm
  • Insertion tube Diameter: 13.6 mm
  • Angel of view: 100°
  • Inflation Automatic
  • Immersible: Yes

Welch Allyn LX-150 Endoscopic Halogen Light Source

This endoscopic halogen light source is a cold light illuminator, a better choice over other high-intensity lamps that emit heat. This endoscopic light source is reliable and a great compliment for the Welch Allyn FX- Flexible Scope.

Schuco-Vac 130 Vacuum Aspirator

The Schuco-Vac Aspirator 130 has bacteria and hydrophobic filters that prevent fluids and other contaminants from damaging the pump. This durable unit provides controlled vacuum regulation from 0″ up to 22″ Hg with a flow rate of 28 liter/m. The wire basket accommodates a variety of canisters.

  • Vibration-free easy-to-read regulator gauge
  • Wire basket accommodates a variety of canisters
  • Quick-connect tubing for all connections

PDF: Welch Allyn FX100 Sigmoidoscope Manual


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