Olympus LF-1 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope


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Olympus LF-1 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope

Introducing the Olympus LF-1 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope for sale.

Olympus LF-1 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope Specifications

  • Optical System
    • Field of View: 75°
    • Direction of View: Forward
    • Depth of Field: 3 to 50 mm
  • Insertion Tube
    • Insertion Tube Outer Diameter: 4.0 mm
    • Working Length: 600 mm
  • Instrument Channel
    • Inner Channel Diameter: 1.2 mm
  • Bending Section
    • Angulation Range: Up 120° | Down 120°
  • Total Length: 830 mm

About Fiberoptic Intubation

Fiberoptic intubation (FOI) is an effective technique for establishing airway access in patients with both anticipated and unanticipated difficult airways. First described in the late 1960s, this approach can facilitate airway management in a variety of clinical scenarios given proper patient preparation and technique.

The visual image transmission through a flexible fiberoptic bundle was first reported in 1954. A decade later, Peter Murphy an English anesthetist used a fiberoptic choledocoscope to aid in the nasal intubation of a patient with Still’s disease. Nowadays, using a flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope the intubation (FOI) has become a mainstay of difficult airway management in awake, sedated, and anesthetized patients.

The technology of fiberoptics is based on the optical characteristics of very thin (diameter of 8–25 μm) flexible glass fibers that are capable of transmitting light over their length. Insulation of these fibers by a glass layer with a different optical density enables transmission by internal reflection of light. An image is transmitted through the length of the scope by an organized coherent bundle of fibers that have the exact orientation at both ends of the scope. A separate fiberoptic bundle is attached to a light source to provide illumination, and lenses at the tip of the scope and eyepiece provide an image that can be focused by the user. In brief, the fiberoptic bronchoscope consists of an eyepiece atop a control handle with a focusing ring that is attached to a thin flexible fiberscope. A thumb control lever allows the distal tip of the scope to be flexed or extended. A separate port that travels the distance of the scope can be utilized for suction, injection of saline or local anesthetic, oxygen insufflation, or passage of brushes or forceps for diagnostic purposes.


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