Shimadzu SDU-1100 Diagnostic Ultrasound with Probes


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Shimadzu SDU-1100 Diagnostic Ultrasound

The Shimadzu SDU-1100 Diagnostic Ultrasound platform offers advances in all system operations and performance modes including imaging quality, digitally preserved exams, including dynamic clip images with calculations, and color doppler. Exam data is stored in JPEG-compressed DICOM format for fast and easy access. The platform supports a full range of high-performance wide bandwidth imaging probes for a wide range of clinical applications.

Video Cine Memory (optional)
Simultaneously perform cinema-style replay of left and right images in B/M or B/PW modes. This function allows the rapid and accurate understanding of a large amount of diagnostic ultrasound data.

Digital Dynamic Image Recording Function (optional)
Adds digital dynamic image recording, which allows viewing of recorded image clips on a PC. This function makes post-examination review of image clips possible and allows the review of a large amount of information, not possible when viewing individual images.

Shimadzu SDU-1100 Diagnostic Ultrasound Features

  • Full digital platform
  • High mobility with 4 wheels
  • Up-to-date Preset-Management (ASI)
  • Free programmable Quick Keys
  • Comfortable Macro Imaging
  • Digital image archiving module
  • Advanced measurement software for interdisciplinary applications
  • High class beam forming 2 – 15 MHz
  • Dual B-Mode and Cine Memory
  • Digital network integration
  • Recording of image sequences
    • 15″ high resolution
    • Multi-Frequency-Mode
    • Panorama viewing: Up to 197,3°
  • Triplex Mode
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
  • Realtime doppler analysis
  • High sensitive power doppler
  • 3D Imaging (Volume and surface rendering)
  • Foot Print: 50 x 80 cm
  • High resolution electronic True Vision probes
  • Easy integration of optional devices (printer, VTR, etc)

Realtime Doppler Analysis

Automatic analysis of Spectral Doppler provides continuous calculations of Vmax, Vmin, RI, PI and heart rate, enhancing system efficiency and productivity.


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