Philips BV Endura C-Arm X-Ray


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Philips BV Endura C-Arm X-Ray

Introducing the Philips BV Endura C-Arm X-Ray for sale. Confidently perform open and minimally-invasive surgeries across multiple clinical specialties including orthopedic, pain management and peripheral vascular procedures. The BV Endura enables quick positioning, easy patient access, and superb quality images to enhance workflow and decision making.

Philips BV Endura C-Arm X-Ray Features

  • Perfect for general fluoroscopy and vascular specialization, the BV Endura helps you clearly view dynamic images in surgery.
  • Designed to improve your workflow, this versatile system has many beneficial characteristics.
  • Positioned as a mid-level performer, the BV Endura builds on the strengths of the BV Libra by broadening vascular capabilities.
  • Our bigger 12” image intensifier provides a larger coverage for improved anatomical orientation.
  • Extended C-Arm rotation – up to 135° – to provide you with projections necessary for most vascular procedures.

Streamline vascular workflow

Philips BV Endura C-Arm X-Ray offers a wide range of vascular options with different fluoroscopy and exposure frame rates and optional acquisition modes, like C0², to enhance visualization during demanding vascular procedures. The single user concept allows clinicians to use a footswitch and remote control to control various imaging functions from the table.: Subtraction, Trace, Roadmap, or Masking.
Optimally designed, the MobileView Station’s ultra-compact size makes it easy to move around the tight confines of the OR. And its small footprint ensures it can be brought as close as possible to the operating table.

  • At the MobileView Station the operator can manually enter patient demographics or retrieve a work-list via the hospital network.
  • Monitors are turned toward the physician at any angle at the start of the procedure and back to the operator at the end to process the images.
  • Processed images are immediately sent to PACS
  • Two 18” monitors ensure high quality image viewing
  • Monitor height can be quickly adjusted to physician preference

Philips BV Endura C-Arm X-Ray Specifications

  • Image intensifier type: Triple mode 9″ HRC / Triple mode 12″
  • >Nominal II formats
    • 12″, 9″, and 7″
    • 9″, 7″, and 5″
  • Entrance screen: Cesium Iodine
  • Grid type: Circular, carbon fiber; 60 lines/cm Ratio = 1:10 SID = 100 cm
  • TV camera type: CCD; high resolution 1K
  • Image rotation: Digital, live and on LIH
  • Image reversal: Yes
  • Mirror up/down: Digital, live and on LIH
  • Mirror left/right: Digital, live and on LIH
  • Automatic anatomical measuring field: Yes with ‘BodySmart’
  • Generator type: DC converter, micro-processor controlled
  • Max. generator output: 3.15 kW
  • Max. X-ray tube voltage: 110 kV
  • Max. X-ray tube current: 30 mA
  • Tube type: Fixed anode
  • Nominal focal spot values (IEC 336): 0.6 IEC and 1.4 IEC
  • Nominal X-ray tube voltage: 110 kV
  • Maximum anode heat content: 35.5 kJ = 50 kHU
  • Anode cooling capacity 21.6 kJ/min. = 30.6 kHU/min.
  • Maximum housing heat content: 840 kJ = 1200 kHU
  • Inherent filtration: 3.0 mm Al eq.
  • Additional filtration: 1.0 mm Al eq. + 0.1 mm Cu
  • kV range: 40 – 110 kV
  • mA range for Low Dose Fluoroscopy mode:0.10 – 3.00 mA (up to 7.20 mA during Auto High Penetration)
  • mA range for High Definition Fluoroscopy mode: 0.24 – 7. 20 mA
  • Shutters: Two independent lead shutters with steel wedge: shutters can be coupled for rotation and translation, or moved individually for asymmetric collimation
  • Automatic Shutter Positioning: Automatic shutter placement based on image content
  • Shutter material: 3 mm Pb
  • Wedge material: 0.2 to 2.5 mm stainless steel
  • Adjustment: Stepless
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Minimal iris diameter: < 50 mm on II entrance
  • Position indication: On screen and also on LIH without radiation
  • Analog video out: 1 BNC connector left monitor
  • Digital Video out: 2 DVI connectors left and right
  • Video in: S-Video
  • USB storage: bmp format


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