Norland Eclipse Bone Densitometer


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Norland Eclipse Bone Densitometer

The Norland Eclipse Bone Densitometer is exceptionally easy to operate. Patient throughput is enhances using Norland’s exclusive QuickScan technology.

The Eclipse by Norland is a 6 foot pencil beam bone densitometer. The standard clinical sites that are used with this densitometer are the AP spine and hip. When you buy the Norland Eclipse, you will receive fast scan times. You will be able to perform an AP scan in under 1.5 minutes and a hip scan in under 2 minutes. The Eclipse has some of the most advanced patient management capabilities available allowing highly reproducible exams.

The Norland Eclipse Bone Densitometer has an exclusive 77 step calibration process that allows a wide scanning range of subjects without any special calibration or correction of the data. This machine has also been designed with exclusive dynamic filtration that will automatically compensate for the widest ranges in your patients thickness that ensures every data point receives the proper exposure.

Norland Eclipse Bone Densitometer Features

  • Simple, single-stroke menu-based software.
  • Pre-programmed scan protocols.
  • Mouse-driven computer operation.
  • Special angulated cursors to aid in AP Spine scan analysis.
  • Improved scan time of just 2 minutes.
  • Automatic quality assurance program with built in daily quality control checks.
  • Reliable performance, day after day.
  • A large scannable  area – 90 x 64 cm – which expedites patient placement on the table and enables combined AP Spine and Femur studies without moving the patient.
  • Latest, most powerful personal computer processing and printing capabilities.
  • Color coded reports for fracture risk assessment incorporating WHO criteria.
  • 77 step calibration process.
  • Dynamic filtration.


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