Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave

Certified Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

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Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave

Introducing the Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave.

The Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave Sterilizer is an economical, light-capacity sterilizing unit designed to accommodate the needs of small medical, dental, and other practices requiring reliable and safe access to sterilization equipment.

This model has a variety of safety and efficiency features, such as a door lock which prevents the door from being opened while the chamber is pressurized.

The Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave also features a set of microprocessor-controlled features to ensure effective and safe operation; a vent valve that will automatically open if the chamber pressure exceeds 242 kPa and the P-2 alarm will sound.

In case that fails, a secondary safety valve will open as a backup precaution should chamber pressure exceed 262 kPa.

Similar functionality exists for heat and electrical levels, as well as a sensor to prevent chamber overfilling.

The Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave is designed for the busy surgery center, medical office, research lab, doctor’s clinic, veterinary facility, or tattoo shop. The stainless steel chamber is a reliable environment for sterilizing liquids, media, instruments, glassware, soil or waste products.

This machine makes an ideal sterilization tool for any clinic or a backup autoclave for larger operations. The quick cycle time works well for large volume facilities that you would expect to find in a dental setting or manufacturing process.

Pelton & Crane Validator 8 Autoclave Specifications

Chamber size 8 1/3″ x 15″
Chamber capacity 739 cu. in. (12,110 cu. cm)
Start-Up Time to 273 °F – (134 °C) 10-13 minutes warm
Total Cycle Time 16 min warm (unwrapped)
Drying Cycle 30 min. pre-programmed
Outside Dimensions 17 1/2″ W x 19 3/4″ D x 12 1/4″ H
Electrical 120 V | 50/60 Hz | (UL/CSA)


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