Pelton & Crane OCR Autoclave 9″ x 18″ Chamber


Certified Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

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Pelton & Crane OCR Autoclave 9″ x 18″ Chamber

The Pelton & Crane OCR Autoclave, Tabletop Sterilizer is known by some as “old faithful”. These units were manufactured for years by Pelton and Crane and known for their solid reliability.  When they are properly maintained, they will last forever.

The Sterilizer has a 9″ x 18″ chamber. This unit is ideally suited for surgery and veterinary practices and other specialty practices.

The Pelton & Crane OCR Autoclave is ideally suited for oral surgery practice groups and other specialty practices. It features a stainless steel door that is secured at four points and incorporates a door interlock switch to ensure that the door is properly locked before the cycle begins.

This is a work horse of a sterilizer. It will work forever for you. Pelton & Crane OCR Sterilizer with 9″ x 18″ chamber. Replacement parts are readily available from both the manufacturer and other sources. It is ideally suited for oral surgery practices groups and other specialty practices. This sterilizer comes with auto shut off, and auto venting mechanism.

Though this steam pressure autoclave is typically used in oral surgery practice groups, it can also be found in a range of other settings, including physician’s offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories.

Reaches 250 °F in approximately twelve minutes from a cold start or approximately 5 minutes from a warm start. Maybe used as a steam or dry-heat sterilizer. Optional dry-heat door is available. Equipped with ASM E-type safety valve to limit maximum chamber pressure to 35 PSI. Reservoir drain conveniently located at front.

Pelton & Crane OCR Autoclave Specifications

  • Dimensions
    • Overall: 17″ W, 20 3/4″ D x 14 3/4″ H
    • Chamber Size: 9″ Diameter x 18″ D
  • Sterilizer Type: Manual Steam
  • Model Type: Tabletop / Countertop
  • Integrated Reservoir Capacity: 4 quarts (no plumbing required)
  • Controls: on Front Panel
  • Water Cut-Off: Low
  • Safety Door
  • Non-Insulated Door
  • Volume: 5 Gallons
  • Tray Capacity: 2
  • Cycle Time: 3 to 25 minutes
  • Power: 110-120 V 50/60 Hz
  • Weight
    • NET: 92 lbs
    • Gross: 120 lbs
  • Model is listed by UL and CSA

PDF Manual: Pelton & Crane – OCR & OCM Maintenance