Byron Accelerator II Aspirator


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Byron Accelerator II Aspirator

The classic design of the Byron Accelerator II Aspirator allows for convenient placement and storage, while offering quiet vibration-free performance during demanding procedures.

Byron Accelerator II Aspirator utilizes two advanced, heavy duty positive displacement pumps. These pumps are dual headed to relieve back pressure, allowing each pump to pull directly against the patient so that a deep vacuum is quickly reached and maintained. The Accelerator II system has been engineered for higher flow rates under load. A new vacuum circuit pressure relief system provides reliable on/off cycling of pumps for improved response. An upgraded foot switch now provides electrically isolated, pneumatic control of the unit. Shock absorbers work together with a highly effective muffler and insulation system to virtually eliminate vibration and deliver the nearly silent performance which the Accelerator II is famous for. New universal canister holder now gives the user a choice between larger diameter Baxter 1500 cc canisters and the narrower 2000 cc IP canister system.


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