DTS Camera Head


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DTS Camera Head – Control Unit or Monitor NOT Included

This is our DTS Camera Head solution with excellent image quality. With its plug & play compatibility when combining individual components such as monitors, light sources, etc. This camera head has an ergonomic handpiece as well as the embedded function keys for functions or control of optical zoom and focus, which ensure fatigue-free, efficient inspections.

Camera Head Includes:

  • New button for white balance
  • Additional buttons for manual control adjustment

Camera Head Image Specifications:

  • 1/3” interline transfer CCD
  • Vin: AC 110-240V, 50-60 Hz
  • Black plug: D/C connector
  • Pixel: 752(H) X 252(V) NTSC 786(h)x494(v)
  • Volt: D/C 12V, 1.5A, UL approval
  • Yellow plug: Video Connector

Endoscopes are used to examine the inside of live organisms, as well as cavities in technical structures, by means of image acquisition and presentation. Originally developed for medical diagnostics in humans, today they generally are used as advanced tools in the visual examination of difficult-to-enter cavities.

The broadest application of endoscopes is in medical practice, where they are used for mirroring the inside of the body through natural orifices or for minimally invasive surgery. Medical endoscopy has had a large impact on the handling, flexibility of use, and manufacturing cost of endoscopes. The strict hygiene conditions required in a surgical theater or treatment room necessitate the highest possible sterility of all applied treatments and equipment.

A rigid endoscope is composed of a direct-sight endoscope with glass lenses and adjustable ocular, a lateral connection for a light conductor, an adaptor that allows focusing, and a CCD camera head. This configuration is also called a video endoscope; it has been in use for more than a quarter century. But it exhibits three significant disadvantages: lack of image quality, the need for sterilization, and high manufacturing cost.


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